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Has food made you sick when you travel? Do you suffer from traveler’s constipation, diarrheas or infections? 

In this video I share with you the supplements I always take with me to protect me and my children during our trips. In the text I suggest a couple more supplements to prevent frequent discomforts. 

  To prevent digestive discomforts 

Leaving for a trip, a lot of people suffer from infections or traveler’s diarrhea. In order to prevent this I travel with probiotics and my favorites are the Bo Boullardi. It’s a fungal strain that protects you from gastroenteritis and such sensitivities. They don’t need refrigeration, so they are ideal to travel. 

If you suffer from high digestive sensitivity I recommend taking it daily, two before breakfast and two at night, during the trip. If you’re not that sensitive have two before breakfast. Now, in case you get and infection or diarrhea, take two before every meal. It works incredibly. For maintenance you can take two before breakfast.  

  To take care of your digestive and hepatic system

If you have a tendency to food making you sick and giving you indigestion, inflammation, gastritis or reflux you have to support your digestive and hepatic system. When we are on vacation, these systems are more challenged. That’s why I take LG Support, one at the end of every meal. It’s a mix of natural ingredients that is also useful for those who tend to have problems of indigestion or flatulence. It also supports the functions of the gallbladder.

A lot of women suffer from constipation during their trips. In order to support the functions of the digestive tract take LG Support and Be Smooth, 3 at the end of the day. When you don’t need it don’t take it. 

  To strengthen your digestive system

During the trips you are more exposed to viruses and bacteria. Boarding a plane is always a challenge for the defenses. You are exposed to free radicals that oxidize the body. That’s why one day before the flight take a higher dose of Glow, the C complex that helps me have a lot of antioxidants which have an aging effect and that strengthen my defenses. I dissolve one spoonful in water the day before and on the day when I leave on the trip. That way I prevent oxidation and increase my defenses. In addition, by increasing my daily dose Glow works as a natural laxative that helps you go to the bathroom in a non-aggressive way. 

If you tend to get sick a lot, I recommend Immune Power. One day before traveling take 20 drops and repeat the dose the day when you leave on the trip. Do the same when you return; one day before and the day of the flight. If during the trip you feel your defenses are low, at the first symptom take 20 drops twice a day. 

  To prevent inflammation

My nightstand anti-inflammatory is Inflam Support. It’s in my first aid kit at home and on the trips because for any pain, any blow, for any inflammation take two to three capsules with your food and it’s amazing. 

Enjoy the trip! 

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Is there a reason to be afraid of carbohydrates?

Many of the diets focused on losing weight quickly sacrifice carbohydrates. But our body needs them: they are the fuel for most body functions, including the brain. They are so important that our liver produces them. That’s why they are not an essential food.

To know which carbohydrates are healthy we need to understand what types are there, what effects they have on our organism and how to support it to process them in an optimal way. 

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about carbohydrates are flours: cakes, cookies and desserts. But carbohydrates are also found in foods that nature offers us: fruits and vegetables, legumes, grains and tubers.

These carbohydrates are accompanied by vitamins, minerals, fiber and compounds that help our body to process them and take advantage of all their benefits. Choosing the natural is always a good idea! But beware, even within these healthy carbohydrates you have to distinguish. It is not the same to eat spinach or pumpkins instead of potatoes, beans, sweet potato or pineapple. It depends on your individual history, the chemistry of your body and your health goals.

On the other hand, there are refined carbohydrates. Here are the industrial flours, but also many canned, frozen or bagged foods. They are carbohydrates that are no longer accompanied by nutrients or fiber; they absorb very quickly and result in you gaining weight or getting inflamed, and this inflammation can be at the cellular level. It is no coincidence that we are living an epidemic of overweight, obesity and diabetes.

Consuming processed carbohydrates by the industry upsets the chemistry of your body:

●      You develop dependency. Refined carbohydrates are almost always accompanied by large amounts of sugar, and sugar is 7 times more addictive than cocaine. Each time you consume it your insulin rises and the sugar in your blood decreases; that’s why you feel hungry and anxious to eat more carbohydrates and more sugars. In addition your sense of taste is altered: you get used to the excess of sweet.

●       Your body become inflamed. Your body uses inflammation when it is fighting something.

●       It alters your metabolism and, consequently, you get fat. Overweight is dangerous because it opens the door to many diseases.

 When we have consumed processed carbohydrates for years, the metabolic hormones that are responsible for processing them go into crisis. If your head hurts when you skip a meal, if you need to be eating between meals or if you cannot lose weight, it is a sign that your metabolic hormones are not optimal.

That’s why it’s not enough to stop consuming processed carbohydrates; you have to support your body so that it can metabolize them. If the chemistry of your body is not optimal, even healthy foods will sick you.

 We have to rebalance the chemistry of your body. We need to clean and optimize the functioning of the kidneys, liver, pancreas and colon so that your body can mobilize toxins and metabolize carbohydrates. The good news is that you do not need drugs to achieve it. Our Tune Up Carb Belly Blast is focused on helping you to make this transformation.


Did you know your hormones are, mostly, responsable of how you feel every day?

They are the ones that control us. The feeling of anxiety, constant hunger o cravings, are the result of malfunctioning of hormones.

We also notice it when our period is misaligned, when you are gaining weight, when you don’t have energy or need to drink coffee to feel better or when you need to eat something immediately. (By the way, nobody has died for not eating chocolate, bread or any other craving. It’s not a real necessity, even though it feels real for you. That is the result of a mismanagement of hormones).

The hot flashes suffered by women with menopause also show that their hormones are not in their optimal state. Before, menopause was the best thing that could happen to us. How nice is to stop being fertile at that age and forget about the care of menstruation! Now many women suffer that stage, because their hormones are not working correctly.

Some signs of good hormonal functioning:

  You have energy and vitality. Energy is the first parameter you should notice if your hormones are working well. Many people live tired, we are witnessing an energy crisis. You have to know that it is never optimal to feel tired – unless it is the end of a day full of activity – let alone wake up tired.

  Your appetite and satiety levels are good. You can be without eating for a while without feeling uncontrollable cravings and food satisfies you.

  Good level of libido and fertility.

  You sleep well and the quality of your sleep is optimal.

What to do to improve the functioning of your hormones? 

We must remember that our body is wise, because nature is wise. Fatigue, cravings, hot flashes and other discomforts are there for a reason. All these symptoms and signs are the way your body communicates. They are a great opportunity to improve your hormones!

How to do it?

  The answer is simple: become your body’s detective. Instead of covering everything you feel, be curious and find out what is happening in your body. Instead of drinking coffee, stimulants and anxiolytics to disguise fatigue or anxiety, check what is happening in your body and act on it. When you feel some symptom, take advantage of it, do not wait until it is a problem to take action. If you are tired, rest more today. And analyze what part of what you are doing is exhausting your body. It’s that simple.

  Sleep well: Sleep is the key to maintaining a good balance because it is when the body regenerates. If there is no regeneration, the body goes into crisis.

  Take care of your nutrition. Your hormones are metabolizing day by day. The raw material for this to happen is food. That is why it is a key factor to take care of your hormones.

  Avoid confusing your body with other hormones unless is strictly necessary. Be careful with contraceptives, but also with milk, cheese, meat or chicken that contain foreign hormones. They are not yours, they are going to confuse your body.

  Try to be in touch with nature every day: the more, the better.

In the next post I’ll tell you why nature is the best hormone regulator and what do I do to be in touch with it everyday. 


I didn’t think about hormones before, but now I’m closer to my 50s than my 40s, so I’m thinking about hormones, but not in a negative way. I know I have to optimize them, I have much more knowledge and awareness than I used to 10 years ago.

Why should we optimize them?

First of all, I want my aging process to be
harmonic. I wouldn’t like to see myself tired, sleepless and with a lack of concentration. I’d like to grow old having the control of my body and of how I feel everyday, this depends a lot on how I manage my body from now on.

Hormones are responsible for managing my body, they are the ones that give the instructions: if my body gets older, if I get fat, if I wear out more muscle, if I get hungrier, if it makes me more sleepy or not, if I have energy or not, it’s thanks to my hormones.

One of my main priorities is my life quality. I can say that thanks to what I’ve learned, thanks to my teachers, thanks to everything I’ve done everyday, I feel incredible today; I don’t feel any age limitations at the moment and I want to keep feeling this way as long as I can. To do this, it is necessary to stay focused on hormones. 

Every year I check my hormone count and my hormonal precursors. It’s important since hormones are the centre of communication in my body. To put it simply: hormones are like a symphonic and every musician playing in the orchestra is a hormone; it takes only one mistake in the tune to affect how everything else sounds. Same thing happens with hormones, if they are not synchronized, some are enough so that all others get recalibrated. The problem is that the body gets adjusted with what it has, and this recalibration might not be optimal.

At my age it is essential to pay more attention to hormones. We currently see more early menopauses, hormonal cancers, obesity, diabetes, thyroid problems, etc. To avoid this, you have to take action, handle the body in the best way and not wait for a problem.

I invite you to read the next post to my blog to learn more about the general ailments derived from the mismanagement of hormones and what you should not do if you want to optimize them.



Every day we are exposed to factors that promote bloating; however, sometimes we don’t know that certain habits affect us a lot more than we think.

We’ve already talked about bloating; we’ve said that it’s a defense mechanism and that it’s useful to know the source of the problem; however, we must consider that, the more bloated the body is, the more diseases we’ll have.

Here are 5 factors that promote bloating:

  • Sugar. It’s one of the worst enemies of our body and it could be said that it’s one of the three most aggressive factors that promote bloating. Also, sugar has a lot more power to create addiction than cocaine. Avoid it: it’s not an essential food.
  • Cigarette. People think that cigarettes destroy the respiratory system (and they’re right) but there’s something they don’t know: besides lungs, cigarettes destroy your digestive health and promote bloating processes in your entire body.
  • Stress. Have you noticed that when you are very stressed your head probably hurts? Well, stress is a great promoter of bloating in the body. If you are under a lot of stress due to your daily activities, I recommend that you do support activities, such as meditating, yoga and spending time in contact with nature.
  • Lack of sleep. We have already said it: sleeping too little affects the processes of regeneration and hormonal processes in our bodies. Besides, the cycle repeats itself, less sleep, more stress; more stress, more bloating.
  • Eating fake foods. I am never going to get tired of saying it: fake food (packages, cans, industry cereals, etc.) is our enemy, because certain products contain additives and chemicals that are harmful to the body.

The way to health is not that long, but it must be consistent. Do everything to minimize the risk of bloating.


The first thing we must do is disambiguate the term; for many, being inflamed is to be holding liquids; for others, it means having to unbutton their pants. Inflammation is a body’s defense mechanism, a protection mechanism, and that may be present, you notice it or not. Another point that’s not considered is that inflammation is necessary because, thanks to it, the body is able to defend itself.

Let’s take an example: if a wasp stings you, the spot will immediately become inflamed, because the body is avoiding that the animal’s substance penetrates more into your body and struggles to deactivate it and protect you. That’s good, no? It’s a mechanism that nature gave us to protect ourselves.

Now, the problem lies when the inflammation occurs all the time and without control. Many people complain of inflammation in the belly, every time they eat, they become inflamed; if that’s the case, then it’s time to take action and become an investigator of your own body. Taking antacids or anti-inflammatories is an immediate option but, in the long term, it can be counterproductive, since you’re covering the symptom and not solving the problem itself.

Common reasons for which your belly inflames.

  • Bad eating: portions, food quality, mixes, eating velocity.
  • Chronic digestive diseases, of which there’s not always high temperature or other symptoms necessarily related to digestion.
  • Lack of gastric acid production, which is mostly confused with heartburn.

What can you do to avoid it?

Even though inflammation can have many roots and each case is different, I can tell you what works for most people:

  • Eat as clean as possible. This means that you only eat real food that comes from nature, without chemicals, conservatives, processes, etc. An example would be grazing meat with roasted vegetables and avocado.
  • Decrease carbohydrates when you eat protein or vice versa. The mixture of these two requires more resources for digestion.
  • Do not mix your food with sugar. Mixing them will increase the likelihood of fermentation and, therefore, inflammation.
  • Hydrate before eating. Drinking a couple of glasses of water before eating will improve your digestive resources.
  • Hot water during or after eating. It can be tea or just hot water; this helps the peristaltic movements to have a good digestion. Many of our oldest cultures do it.

If you’re a person suffering from digestive inflammation, try these recommendations and write me to know how it went.


Is your sleep not refreshing enough?

We’ve already talked about the effects of sleeping badly: it accelerates inflammatory processes, bad mood, fatigue and others. However, sometimes we don’t think about the reasons why we’re not sleeping well.

One of the most common reasons why people sleep poorly is emotional, especially stress. But what happens when the body is stressed? Definitely, the mind does not relax and the hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal axis is activated. Let’s talk about this:

This axis evolved to protect us. Imagine: before, sleeping in the open, people were worried that a tiger or any animal could attack. Of course, they were on alert and the axis was responsible. It’s something evolutionary: when we feel worry or fear, we are alert.

In our days, there are no tigers chasing us, but we do have a message, a call, job news, relationship news, relatives, that do not threaten our survival, but that do keep us alert.

And there’s also the stress derived from various events. A few months ago, people told me that, as a result of the September tremor, any alert similar to the seismic alert made them wake up immediately, and that’s just that: the hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal axis is active.

It’s important to sleep well; but, of course, with all that we have said, you are probably asking, “how am I going to sleep well with so many things that happen in a day”. Well, as humanity we have developed countless tools and techniques that can be useful, such as meditation and exercise, but I want to invite you to promote good sleep hygiene in your life.

  • Avoid blue light.

The blue light at night is a modern problem, we were never so exposed to it before the last century. What is blue light? All the light that, once the sky has darkened, emanates from the devices we have created: television, computers, cell phones, tablets, etc. When have you seen the sun rise to its maximum glow at 12 o’clock at night? Never, in most of the parts where we have evolved. Our advice is that, when dark, avoid artificial light.

  • Let the light guide you.

There are people who fall asleep at 4 in the morning and wake up at 12 a.m. However, even with that disproportionate rhythm, blinds or curtains are lowered for comfort to avoid light. That also influences bad sleep. It is best to sleep when there’s no light and wake up when the sun starts to rise. For example, you can go to bed at 10:30 p.m. and get up at 7 p.m.

  • Don’t overeat. 

When you eat too much, or even a little more food than usual, you probably won’t get the same amount of rest. I recommend you dine lightly and always do it only if you are hungry, so the body can dedicate itself to what it should do during sleep: to repair itself and rest.

  • Get every electronic device out of your bedroom. 

It’s ideal that your bedroom is illuminated by dim lights and that there’s no computer or television inside. But something still much more important: the internet router must be the furthest thing from your room, because studios are discovering the negative effects that we’re having by the electromagnetic and radiofrequency contamination of this type of devices.

Take these little advices and you’ll see the difference. Once you practice it, write and tell me how you’ve been feeling.


Have you noticed that, during extended periods of excesses, both in food and drinks, your body gets slower, with less energy?

1. Chemicals.

During the Holiday season it is very common for people to eat industrially manufactured food, meaning, packaged foods, like soups, bread, flours, among others. What is going on? The body starts working double: firstly, it performs the digestion process as usual, but forced due to the quantity; and secondly, it cannot handle all the artificial foods full of chemicals.

2. Abundance.
These festivities promote disorder or lack of control in many ways: we are not disciplined, we indulge, we celebrate with alcohol in excess and delight ourselves with complex dishes, which saturates the digestive system, and as a result, the work is greater.

3. Sedentariness.

Yes, although it may not seem like it, the exercise or movement becomes secondary when during the festivities and therefore the lymphatic system is not drained properly.

Well, with what was previously mentioned, we could ignore what to do to reactivate ourselves or at least so that the season does not disagree with us, but let us talk about the actions to take so that our body does not suffer so much:

• Hydrate: drink an average of 3 liters of water per day and, if you drink alcohol, add 2 glasses of water per glass.
• Simplify your meals: food itself is delicious; If you can, choose simple, as natural, and fresh as possible.
* Avoid combinations: there are two combinations that give our liver more work and that we can avoid; one, choose between dessert or alcohol, never both; and two, watch out for the excess of proteins, since the work is much more for your body.

4. Rest: yes, sleeping early as much as possible is a particularly restorative practice; The ideal is to sleep at 10:30 p.m.

5. Become active: if you want to speed up many processes of your body, including the ease with which you will lose those extra pounds, the ideal is to walk 15 minutes after each meal and practice a sport at least 30 minutes a day (careful, 30 minutes of quality, with due concentration and dedication).

Small actions generate great transformations in our body. Do the right thing as much as possible during these holidays.


Fats are key, we’ve talked about it already. However, many people, although they know it, it seems that it can become secondary or it seems to them that they can eat them for a week and then stop for the next one. The recommendation will always be the same: include them. But what happens when you make the decision to give in to the children’s request to substitute fats for some sweet or cereal from the industry or any other processed food? We are definitely helping them to grow up without good supports.

In my case, I know the health of my children as far as science allows it today – I do biochemical tests every year – I make a strategy for them and how to handle them. I must say that, in general, for all children fats are very important because they are in the process of learning and growth; of course, I want the best for my children and that’s the reason why I try to raise awareness in them so they prefer the best of nature.

Yesterday, for example, they had fish with avocado and olive oil for breakfast. The smallest one said to me: “Mommy, this looks like Asian food”. I took the opportunity and asked him what the Asians were like, pointing out that they are good at math, robotics, etc., letting them see that eating is an important factor for learning. On the other hand, you probably already know, one of them had a fall, long ago and I must reinforce everything to help his brain.

Something that has always worried me a little is what they will eat while I am not and that is why I do my part: by giving them real food, with fats, I make sure they are not hungry and with cravings; besides, regardless of that, I always try to point out to them that it is much better, that a fruit that comes from nature will make them stronger than the candies.

What do I recommend for your children?

The first thing is to raise awareness in them, this is the biggest benefit you will make because it will be for life. Teach them to always choose the natural vs. industrial.

Make colorful dishes. Usually children are more sensitive to colors – think cereal boxes: they have colors, figures, drawings, etc., which children prefer—. So what I recommend is that your food has colors: salad with beets, fish with avocado, vegetables, whatever you think, use all your creativity.

If they don’t have breakfast at home and go to school, be sure to give them a lunch that contains fats: coconut chunks, nuts, etc..

The best thing we can do to our children is to educate them, because the benefit will last for a lifetime. Learn and teach them what is best for them.


Last week, we talked about WHY SHOULD I EAT FAT? (LINK TO BLOG), and we talked about true fats, toxic fats and some diseases that suffer those who do not consume true fats. Now, I would like to talk about what happens when you decrease your fat intake in a short time.


If you take fat from food, you’ll get to the point where there won’t be any amount of food that can satisfy you. Besides, cravings will come to you as a magnet to metal. Without going into detail, those cravings will probably be for sweets or flours, and the tendency is for people to buy anything to satisfy those craving, and we’re not precisely talking about fruit. Then, we have a string of harmful factors: less fat, more cravings; more cravings, more sugar; more sugar, more inflammatory conditions and more negative conditions in our body…


There are two types of foods that are essential: amino acids and fatty acids. Don’t you think we should pay attention to the fact that they are called essential? It means you need them. There are no essential carbohydrates; no essential sugars; the body produces what’s necessary, except some amino acids and fat; we must consume it and it’s best if it’s of the highest quality, so that we don’t experience a nutritional deficit.

In my life as a health professional, one of the effects I’ve seen is that people who lower their fat intake, raise their flours and carbohydrates intake. That is a basic and, believe me, extremely harmful effect.

An example, like anything: if you want to build a house, ideally, you buy the highest quality materials, making sure everything is right from the ground up. The same happens with your body, we have to give it the best we have. What fats do I consume? Maybe it can help you to know, especially because they are very simple things:

• Avocado. This is always on my table. Sometimes, I eat up to two avocados a day, making sure that my organism is not missing any fats.

Organic butter or ghee. Not only is it excellent, it’s delicious.

Cheese. I choose the best cheese, without chemicals. It’s one of the tastes that I give myself and it fascinates me.

Olive oil. I don’t cook with it; we’ve already seen that it’s an unstable oil at high temperatures; I use it as salad dressing.

Coconut. If I’m traveling and need a snack, coconut is my first choice.

I invite you to include more fats to your food intake and much less flours and carbohydrates. You’ll notice a huge difference from the start.


Cambiando la vida de miles de personas con su método, poniendo especial énfasis en los sistemas digestivo, hepático y hormonal; los que considera los más importantes.