How to stop being a slave to diets?

28 January, 2019 by admin0

How to stop being a slave to diets?

Has it ever happened to you that you get on a diet and they tell you that you can’t eat some food and then that is exactly what you crave?

Why does this happen? What if it’s because of your cellular metabolism?

Cellular metabolism is the functioning of cells. If a vehicle works very well, it means its metabolism is good. The same thing happens with the body: if I have good energy or if I have a healthy weight, they are the result of my metabolism. If I have problems with migraines or allergies it means I don’t have a good metabolism. It’s all related to the way my cells are operating. 

What if the reason why you gain weight is not that you are overeating, but the way your cells are working?

It’s not that you are exceeding with food and that’s why you gain weight, it’s that the cellular metabolism that you have is causing you to eat that way and to have cravings. It becomes a vicious circle, and the diets we make generally keep that cycle.  

The problem is not just the weight, being overweight comes with many other consequences. 

What impacts me the most is the effect that it has on the brain. A few years ago I cared more about having a good figure, fighting off diabetes and having children. Not that I’m growing older I want to look after my brain. 

We are living an impressive epidemic of Alzheimer, dementia and senility. It is prognosticated that 50% of people will develop cancer and that 60% or 70% of people who live over 80 will have Alzheimer, dementia or senility. These conditions are the effects of a bad cellular metabolism. 

What if weight is not the problem?

They’ve taught us to pay attention to the results and not the causes. We pay attention to the overweight, the migraines, cholesterol, high blood pressure, low defenses. What is one of these is not the problem but just the thing showing us that there is a problem? That’s why I decided to return to the scientific perspective that, unlike allopathic medicine, does aim at attending the causes of these conditions and not just focusing in the results. 

What if your body is gaining weight to protect you?

Our body is perfect. It helped us get where we are after thousands of year of evolution in nature. Everything it does is to help us survive, to keep the species alive. 

In what way could gaining weight help me survive? 

It is said that 50% of cases of obesity and overweight or resistance to insulin are to protect you against the toxicity of the body. When the levels of toxicity in the body are too high, the body grows bigger to store those toxins in the fat and that way protect the lungs, the heart, the brain and the rest of the organs. Fat is the ideal storage unit for toxins because that way you don’t have to face them very often. 

When we lose weight no matter what, we take this protection mechanism away from the body. The weight wasn’t the problem, it was the result. 

When you take care of fixing the problem from its root (which in 50% of cases is high toxicity due to our life style), maintaining a healthy weight is very easy. 

Other possible causes have to do with biochemical, hormonal or microbiotic factors, amongst others. Diets generally don’t address those causes. 

Did you know that 80% of people have followed at least one diet to lose weight some time in their lives? 

Out of all these diets, do you know how many are successful? Only 1%. Some don’t reach their goals; others gain the weight back a few months later. 

In spite of all the trendy diets, in spite of being hungry and doing excessive exercise, it is calculated that 70% of the population is overweight. 

How to break the cycle of dieting and restrictions?

Instead of following these extreme diets, my recommendation is to address the cause of the problem. You have to identify what’s driving you to gain weight, and many times this has to do with your lifestyle. You have to address it with strategies that don’t harm your cellular metabolism. 

Everything that harms your cellular metabolism is going to harm you in the long term. You are the result of how your body operates, and the weight is only one of hundreds of results. There are others that have more impact in your life quality, as in the health of your brain. And what is the organ that pays the price for many of these diets that aim at losing weight no matter what? The brain. 

If you want to obtain long term results and have an excellent quality of life, you can use science and the chemistry of nature. Getting a healthy weight is a good result for the body; it means that you have a healthy metabolism, good energy, good immunological system, good digestion, and good hormonal metabolism. 

In order to get it, attack the problem at its root and choose a strategy that supports your body at a cellular, microbiotic and neurohormonal level. 

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