How to take care of your liver during the holidays

18 December, 2018 by admin0

Did you know that the liver executes over 500 functions?

It’s one of the biggest organs and without it it’s impossible to have a good metabolism, healthy circulation, balanced hormones, blood free from toxins and a functional digestion. That’s why in ancient medicine it was said that “he who knows how to harmonize the liver, knows how to heal a hundred diseases”

Do you have allergies, spots on your skin, hangover, varicose veins, and headache?

These are some of the signs that your body sends to indicate that your liver is not working well.

Other signs that might indicate bad functioning of the liver are red moles, acne, hemorrhoids, hot flashes, burping frequently, having difficulty to lose weight or feeling pain on the right side of the body. 

Good news is that if you listen to your body, these signs become opportunities to support it and improve it.

What does the liver have to do with the holiday season?

Everything! The excessive food, alcohol, stress and meds mean the liver will have an extra load, because it is in charge of cleaning blood from drugs, hormones and other toxins that harm the body. 

Besides, it helps digest fats, to use foods as nutrients and to keep the balance of glucose, fat, cholesterol, proteins and vitamins in the body. 

That’s why the liver is more challenged in times of excess. It is not a coincidence that in December allergies (sneezing, runny nose) are so frequent, that visits to the emergency room increase, and that the sale of drugs(such as antacids and anti-inflammatories)  increases too. 

If the liver is the great filter of our body, do you think it’s necessary to clean it?

Key strategies to support the liver

The liver is regenerating every day. With every bite you take you can give it the raw material it needs to function in an optimal way. 

These are some strategies to decrease the load that your liver gets during the holidays: 

  • Don’t saturate it: cut down on the meds that are unnecessary and moderate alcohol. Drink two glasses of water for every drink and try not to mix alcohol with sugar (in cocktails or desserts). Did you know that the liver takes one hour to digest one glass? That’s why the next day comes the hangover. 
  • Avoid eating processed foods, sweeteners or energizing drinks. Choose fresh and natural foods, and avoid making diets high in protein. 
  • Lower your exposition to toxins. The creams that you put on your body, cosmetics and cleaning products have harmful chemicals that your liver has to debug in order to stop them from being stored in the body. Try to substitute them with natural substances, such as coconut oil for the skin. 
  • Reduce the sugar. The liver can metabolize around 6 little spoonfuls of sugar every day. A regular American consumes around 22 spoonfuls daily (hidden in sodas, juice and processed food). 
  • Avoiding taking synthetic hormones, hormonal contraceptives and synthetic vitamins reduces the load for your liver. 
  • Drink lots of water! When you want to improve a system you need to add more water and minerals. 
  • Keep moving.  A sedentary life is one of the biggest enemies of the liver. Try to walk at least 15 minutes after you eat and remain active during the day. 

Foods that help decongest the liver

These foods stimulate the enzymes of the liver and facilitate the elimination of harmful substances. Consume them to power the hepatic functions. Try to get them organic because otherwise you are introducing pesticides, fertilizers and others in your body,

With a liver in a bad state it is impossible to feel well. Take care of it with these strategies to help it process the extras from this season and finish the year in the best way. 

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