How inflammatory is your life?

30 July, 2018 by admin0

During these hot months, you are probably experiencing some type of inflammation.
Commonly, we identify it with the suffix itis:” colitis, gastritis, rhinitis, dermatitis, arthritis… It can also manifest itself in the form of headaches or allergies.

Do you know why your body is inflamed?

Inflammation is a mechanism that the body developed to protect us. Imagine that you hit or cut yourself: if there’s no inflammation, you won’t heal. Inflammation is the best thing that can happen to us when it activates to protect us, occasionally.

However, in our time, we live in constant inflammation. We’re living a very inflammatory lifestyle. In this video, I talk a bit about it:

 Why support —and not stop— the inflammatory processes?

Imagine the inflammation protection mechanism as an engine: if it’s on all the time, what will happen to it? It’s very likely that it’ll wear out, overheat or break down.

If we have constant inflammation, something similar happens. That is why we need to support our bodies’ inflammation processes to be more effective.

Inflammation is like an army. If you hit yourself, your skin turns red and swells. That’s your army in action, protecting you. But when we see it, what’s the first thing we think we should do? Often, take an anti-inflammatory.

That drug blocks the wonderful mechanism that nature gave us. That’s why we don’t want to run over the inflammatory process, but to support it. Our body knows how to do regeneration tasks better than anything else. Thanks to that, we’ve survived millions of years.

Imagine that a red bulb lights up in your car. You can cover it up, or you can check what’s happening: check the engine, put gasoline. If you cover it, I assure you that something bad will happen. We do this with our body when we take anti-inflammatories, cover the warning signals that our body gives us. That’s why it’s important to listen to the “itis” and support your organism. All the data will help you. That information serves to improve how your body is working.

How do we support the inflammation processes?

 The most important thing is to remove the substances that are causing the inflammation. In this video, I tell you which are the inflammatory substances that we commonly use and what we can do about it:

 Why kill the wisdom of the body with an anti-inflammatory? We better support it.
Let us take advantage of that wonderful intelligence that we have acquired over millions of years. The body knows better than all of us together. Let’s support it and let it do its magic.

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