Is it really necessary to use supplements to be healthy?

10 July, 2018 by admin0

Ideally, feeding ourselves correctly would be enough!
Nature is our main source of health.

Unfortunately, due to the ethics of agricultural industry practices, our soils are lacking in nutrients and compounds that should belong to it. We’ve stolen them to optimize productivity. We’re starting to see deficiencies in our body that we’d never seen before and starting to find toxicity that enters our body through the food we consume.

Because of the way we have handled the planet Earth and our body, we’ve gotten ourselves into certain predicaments in which we do need more intense support, so to speak. For me, that support is supplements.

It’s for this reason that I, personally, do use supplements and consider that today they are necessary. I tell you more about it in this video:

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How do I recommend consuming them?

You have to remember that they will never replace food. We must use them strategically to support the body and the needs that each one of us has. They’re a tool of great power and should be treated with respect for the great potential they have.

The essential thing is to listen to your body and know it in detail. If you can measure yourself —doing analysis and registering your parameters— it’d be much better. I’m a fan of measuring and obtaining objective data: where is my body, what processes are failing, what can I support. I perform studies twice a year, I measure and, according to that, I create my feeding and supplements protocol. This is how I design strategies, whether is for me, my children or my patients.

What I do not recommend is to start taking supplements blindly just because someone told me they were good for me. We have to make sure that the body does need them, that they do it well and that they support a function from which we’re going to benefit.

For example, if I feel that one of my children is going to get a cold, I support their defenses with food and supplements that are also aimed at strengthening their defenses. I listen to their body and I give them what they need at that moment. I don’t give them something every day to support their defenses.

Our supplements

All [button color=orange size=medium link=]beboon[/button] supplements have a natural origin: some are vegetable concentrates, others are herbs or spices. Besides that, they’re elaborated using processes that respect the ingredients, in order to optimize the body and respect the organism.

Come with us and find out which supplements can support you.

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