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2 July, 2018 by admin0

Has food made you sick when you travel? Do you suffer from traveler’s constipation, diarrheas or infections? 

In this video I share with you the supplements I always take with me to protect me and my children during our trips. In the text I suggest a couple more supplements to prevent frequent discomforts. 

  To prevent digestive discomforts 

Leaving for a trip, a lot of people suffer from infections or traveler’s diarrhea. In order to prevent this I travel with probiotics and my favorites are the Bo Boullardi. It’s a fungal strain that protects you from gastroenteritis and such sensitivities. They don’t need refrigeration, so they are ideal to travel. 

If you suffer from high digestive sensitivity I recommend taking it daily, two before breakfast and two at night, during the trip. If you’re not that sensitive have two before breakfast. Now, in case you get and infection or diarrhea, take two before every meal. It works incredibly. For maintenance you can take two before breakfast.  

  To take care of your digestive and hepatic system

If you have a tendency to food making you sick and giving you indigestion, inflammation, gastritis or reflux you have to support your digestive and hepatic system. When we are on vacation, these systems are more challenged. That’s why I take LG Support, one at the end of every meal. It’s a mix of natural ingredients that is also useful for those who tend to have problems of indigestion or flatulence. It also supports the functions of the gallbladder.

A lot of women suffer from constipation during their trips. In order to support the functions of the digestive tract take LG Support and Be Smooth, 3 at the end of the day. When you don’t need it don’t take it. 

  To strengthen your digestive system

During the trips you are more exposed to viruses and bacteria. Boarding a plane is always a challenge for the defenses. You are exposed to free radicals that oxidize the body. That’s why one day before the flight take a higher dose of Glow, the C complex that helps me have a lot of antioxidants which have an aging effect and that strengthen my defenses. I dissolve one spoonful in water the day before and on the day when I leave on the trip. That way I prevent oxidation and increase my defenses. In addition, by increasing my daily dose Glow works as a natural laxative that helps you go to the bathroom in a non-aggressive way. 

If you tend to get sick a lot, I recommend Immune Power. One day before traveling take 20 drops and repeat the dose the day when you leave on the trip. Do the same when you return; one day before and the day of the flight. If during the trip you feel your defenses are low, at the first symptom take 20 drops twice a day. 

  To prevent inflammation

My nightstand anti-inflammatory is Inflam Support. It’s in my first aid kit at home and on the trips because for any pain, any blow, for any inflammation take two to three capsules with your food and it’s amazing. 

Enjoy the trip! 

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