CARBOHYDRATES: Friends or enemies? 

29 June, 2018 by admin0

Is there a reason to be afraid of carbohydrates?

Many of the diets focused on losing weight quickly sacrifice carbohydrates. But our body needs them: they are the fuel for most body functions, including the brain. They are so important that our liver produces them. That’s why they are not an essential food.

To know which carbohydrates are healthy we need to understand what types are there, what effects they have on our organism and how to support it to process them in an optimal way. 

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about carbohydrates are flours: cakes, cookies and desserts. But carbohydrates are also found in foods that nature offers us: fruits and vegetables, legumes, grains and tubers.

These carbohydrates are accompanied by vitamins, minerals, fiber and compounds that help our body to process them and take advantage of all their benefits. Choosing the natural is always a good idea! But beware, even within these healthy carbohydrates you have to distinguish. It is not the same to eat spinach or pumpkins instead of potatoes, beans, sweet potato or pineapple. It depends on your individual history, the chemistry of your body and your health goals.

On the other hand, there are refined carbohydrates. Here are the industrial flours, but also many canned, frozen or bagged foods. They are carbohydrates that are no longer accompanied by nutrients or fiber; they absorb very quickly and result in you gaining weight or getting inflamed, and this inflammation can be at the cellular level. It is no coincidence that we are living an epidemic of overweight, obesity and diabetes.

Consuming processed carbohydrates by the industry upsets the chemistry of your body:

●      You develop dependency. Refined carbohydrates are almost always accompanied by large amounts of sugar, and sugar is 7 times more addictive than cocaine. Each time you consume it your insulin rises and the sugar in your blood decreases; that’s why you feel hungry and anxious to eat more carbohydrates and more sugars. In addition your sense of taste is altered: you get used to the excess of sweet.

●       Your body become inflamed. Your body uses inflammation when it is fighting something.

●       It alters your metabolism and, consequently, you get fat. Overweight is dangerous because it opens the door to many diseases.

 When we have consumed processed carbohydrates for years, the metabolic hormones that are responsible for processing them go into crisis. If your head hurts when you skip a meal, if you need to be eating between meals or if you cannot lose weight, it is a sign that your metabolic hormones are not optimal.

That’s why it’s not enough to stop consuming processed carbohydrates; you have to support your body so that it can metabolize them. If the chemistry of your body is not optimal, even healthy foods will sick you.

 We have to rebalance the chemistry of your body. We need to clean and optimize the functioning of the kidneys, liver, pancreas and colon so that your body can mobilize toxins and metabolize carbohydrates. The good news is that you do not need drugs to achieve it. Our Tune Up Carb Belly Blast is focused on helping you to make this transformation.

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