Take care of your hormones: Become your body detective.

6 June, 2018 by admin0

Did you know your hormones are, mostly, responsable of how you feel every day?

They are the ones that control us. The feeling of anxiety, constant hunger o cravings, are the result of malfunctioning of hormones.

We also notice it when our period is misaligned, when you are gaining weight, when you don’t have energy or need to drink coffee to feel better or when you need to eat something immediately. (By the way, nobody has died for not eating chocolate, bread or any other craving. It’s not a real necessity, even though it feels real for you. That is the result of a mismanagement of hormones).

The hot flashes suffered by women with menopause also show that their hormones are not in their optimal state. Before, menopause was the best thing that could happen to us. How nice is to stop being fertile at that age and forget about the care of menstruation! Now many women suffer that stage, because their hormones are not working correctly.

Some signs of good hormonal functioning:

  You have energy and vitality. Energy is the first parameter you should notice if your hormones are working well. Many people live tired, we are witnessing an energy crisis. You have to know that it is never optimal to feel tired – unless it is the end of a day full of activity – let alone wake up tired.

  Your appetite and satiety levels are good. You can be without eating for a while without feeling uncontrollable cravings and food satisfies you.

  Good level of libido and fertility.

  You sleep well and the quality of your sleep is optimal.

What to do to improve the functioning of your hormones? 

We must remember that our body is wise, because nature is wise. Fatigue, cravings, hot flashes and other discomforts are there for a reason. All these symptoms and signs are the way your body communicates. They are a great opportunity to improve your hormones!

How to do it?

  The answer is simple: become your body’s detective. Instead of covering everything you feel, be curious and find out what is happening in your body. Instead of drinking coffee, stimulants and anxiolytics to disguise fatigue or anxiety, check what is happening in your body and act on it. When you feel some symptom, take advantage of it, do not wait until it is a problem to take action. If you are tired, rest more today. And analyze what part of what you are doing is exhausting your body. It’s that simple.

  Sleep well: Sleep is the key to maintaining a good balance because it is when the body regenerates. If there is no regeneration, the body goes into crisis.

  Take care of your nutrition. Your hormones are metabolizing day by day. The raw material for this to happen is food. That is why it is a key factor to take care of your hormones.

  Avoid confusing your body with other hormones unless is strictly necessary. Be careful with contraceptives, but also with milk, cheese, meat or chicken that contain foreign hormones. They are not yours, they are going to confuse your body.

  Try to be in touch with nature every day: the more, the better.

In the next post I’ll tell you why nature is the best hormone regulator and what do I do to be in touch with it everyday. 

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