Hormone problems? Not for me.

26 April, 2018 by admin0

I didn’t think about hormones before, but now I’m closer to my 50s than my 40s, so I’m thinking about hormones, but not in a negative way. I know I have to optimize them, I have much more knowledge and awareness than I used to 10 years ago.

Why should we optimize them?

First of all, I want my aging process to be
harmonic. I wouldn’t like to see myself tired, sleepless and with a lack of concentration. I’d like to grow old having the control of my body and of how I feel everyday, this depends a lot on how I manage my body from now on.

Hormones are responsible for managing my body, they are the ones that give the instructions: if my body gets older, if I get fat, if I wear out more muscle, if I get hungrier, if it makes me more sleepy or not, if I have energy or not, it’s thanks to my hormones.

One of my main priorities is my life quality. I can say that thanks to what I’ve learned, thanks to my teachers, thanks to everything I’ve done everyday, I feel incredible today; I don’t feel any age limitations at the moment and I want to keep feeling this way as long as I can. To do this, it is necessary to stay focused on hormones. 

Every year I check my hormone count and my hormonal precursors. It’s important since hormones are the centre of communication in my body. To put it simply: hormones are like a symphonic and every musician playing in the orchestra is a hormone; it takes only one mistake in the tune to affect how everything else sounds. Same thing happens with hormones, if they are not synchronized, some are enough so that all others get recalibrated. The problem is that the body gets adjusted with what it has, and this recalibration might not be optimal.

At my age it is essential to pay more attention to hormones. We currently see more early menopauses, hormonal cancers, obesity, diabetes, thyroid problems, etc. To avoid this, you have to take action, handle the body in the best way and not wait for a problem.

I invite you to read the next post to my blog to learn more about the general ailments derived from the mismanagement of hormones and what you should not do if you want to optimize them.


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