5 things you might do daily that make you bloated

2 April, 2018 by admin0

Every day we are exposed to factors that promote bloating; however, sometimes we don’t know that certain habits affect us a lot more than we think.

We’ve already talked about bloating; we’ve said that it’s a defense mechanism and that it’s useful to know the source of the problem; however, we must consider that, the more bloated the body is, the more diseases we’ll have.

Here are 5 factors that promote bloating:

  • Sugar. It’s one of the worst enemies of our body and it could be said that it’s one of the three most aggressive factors that promote bloating. Also, sugar has a lot more power to create addiction than cocaine. Avoid it: it’s not an essential food.
  • Cigarette. People think that cigarettes destroy the respiratory system (and they’re right) but there’s something they don’t know: besides lungs, cigarettes destroy your digestive health and promote bloating processes in your entire body.
  • Stress. Have you noticed that when you are very stressed your head probably hurts? Well, stress is a great promoter of bloating in the body. If you are under a lot of stress due to your daily activities, I recommend that you do support activities, such as meditating, yoga and spending time in contact with nature.
  • Lack of sleep. We have already said it: sleeping too little affects the processes of regeneration and hormonal processes in our bodies. Besides, the cycle repeats itself, less sleep, more stress; more stress, more bloating.
  • Eating fake foods. I am never going to get tired of saying it: fake food (packages, cans, industry cereals, etc.) is our enemy, because certain products contain additives and chemicals that are harmful to the body.

The way to health is not that long, but it must be consistent. Do everything to minimize the risk of bloating.

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