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Have you noticed that, during extended periods of excesses, both in food and drinks, your body gets slower, with less energy?

1. Chemicals.

During the Holiday season it is very common for people to eat industrially manufactured food, meaning, packaged foods, like soups, bread, flours, among others. What is going on? The body starts working double: firstly, it performs the digestion process as usual, but forced due to the quantity; and secondly, it cannot handle all the artificial foods full of chemicals.

2. Abundance.
These festivities promote disorder or lack of control in many ways: we are not disciplined, we indulge, we celebrate with alcohol in excess and delight ourselves with complex dishes, which saturates the digestive system, and as a result, the work is greater.

3. Sedentariness.

Yes, although it may not seem like it, the exercise or movement becomes secondary when during the festivities and therefore the lymphatic system is not drained properly.

Well, with what was previously mentioned, we could ignore what to do to reactivate ourselves or at least so that the season does not disagree with us, but let us talk about the actions to take so that our body does not suffer so much:

• Hydrate: drink an average of 3 liters of water per day and, if you drink alcohol, add 2 glasses of water per glass.
• Simplify your meals: food itself is delicious; If you can, choose simple, as natural, and fresh as possible.
* Avoid combinations: there are two combinations that give our liver more work and that we can avoid; one, choose between dessert or alcohol, never both; and two, watch out for the excess of proteins, since the work is much more for your body.

4. Rest: yes, sleeping early as much as possible is a particularly restorative practice; The ideal is to sleep at 10:30 p.m.

5. Become active: if you want to speed up many processes of your body, including the ease with which you will lose those extra pounds, the ideal is to walk 15 minutes after each meal and practice a sport at least 30 minutes a day (careful, 30 minutes of quality, with due concentration and dedication).

Small actions generate great transformations in our body. Do the right thing as much as possible during these holidays.

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