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Fats are key, we’ve talked about it already. However, many people, although they know it, it seems that it can become secondary or it seems to them that they can eat them for a week and then stop for the next one. The recommendation will always be the same: include them. But what happens when you make the decision to give in to the children’s request to substitute fats for some sweet or cereal from the industry or any other processed food? We are definitely helping them to grow up without good supports.

In my case, I know the health of my children as far as science allows it today – I do biochemical tests every year – I make a strategy for them and how to handle them. I must say that, in general, for all children fats are very important because they are in the process of learning and growth; of course, I want the best for my children and that’s the reason why I try to raise awareness in them so they prefer the best of nature.

Yesterday, for example, they had fish with avocado and olive oil for breakfast. The smallest one said to me: “Mommy, this looks like Asian food”. I took the opportunity and asked him what the Asians were like, pointing out that they are good at math, robotics, etc., letting them see that eating is an important factor for learning. On the other hand, you probably already know, one of them had a fall, long ago and I must reinforce everything to help his brain.

Something that has always worried me a little is what they will eat while I am not and that is why I do my part: by giving them real food, with fats, I make sure they are not hungry and with cravings; besides, regardless of that, I always try to point out to them that it is much better, that a fruit that comes from nature will make them stronger than the candies.

What do I recommend for your children?

The first thing is to raise awareness in them, this is the biggest benefit you will make because it will be for life. Teach them to always choose the natural vs. industrial.

Make colorful dishes. Usually children are more sensitive to colors – think cereal boxes: they have colors, figures, drawings, etc., which children prefer—. So what I recommend is that your food has colors: salad with beets, fish with avocado, vegetables, whatever you think, use all your creativity.

If they don’t have breakfast at home and go to school, be sure to give them a lunch that contains fats: coconut chunks, nuts, etc..

The best thing we can do to our children is to educate them, because the benefit will last for a lifetime. Learn and teach them what is best for them.

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