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Last week, we talked about WHY SHOULD I EAT FAT? (LINK TO BLOG), and we talked about true fats, toxic fats and some diseases that suffer those who do not consume true fats. Now, I would like to talk about what happens when you decrease your fat intake in a short time.


If you take fat from food, you’ll get to the point where there won’t be any amount of food that can satisfy you. Besides, cravings will come to you as a magnet to metal. Without going into detail, those cravings will probably be for sweets or flours, and the tendency is for people to buy anything to satisfy those craving, and we’re not precisely talking about fruit. Then, we have a string of harmful factors: less fat, more cravings; more cravings, more sugar; more sugar, more inflammatory conditions and more negative conditions in our body…


There are two types of foods that are essential: amino acids and fatty acids. Don’t you think we should pay attention to the fact that they are called essential? It means you need them. There are no essential carbohydrates; no essential sugars; the body produces what’s necessary, except some amino acids and fat; we must consume it and it’s best if it’s of the highest quality, so that we don’t experience a nutritional deficit.

In my life as a health professional, one of the effects I’ve seen is that people who lower their fat intake, raise their flours and carbohydrates intake. That is a basic and, believe me, extremely harmful effect.

An example, like anything: if you want to build a house, ideally, you buy the highest quality materials, making sure everything is right from the ground up. The same happens with your body, we have to give it the best we have. What fats do I consume? Maybe it can help you to know, especially because they are very simple things:

• Avocado. This is always on my table. Sometimes, I eat up to two avocados a day, making sure that my organism is not missing any fats.

Organic butter or ghee. Not only is it excellent, it’s delicious.

Cheese. I choose the best cheese, without chemicals. It’s one of the tastes that I give myself and it fascinates me.

Olive oil. I don’t cook with it; we’ve already seen that it’s an unstable oil at high temperatures; I use it as salad dressing.

Coconut. If I’m traveling and need a snack, coconut is my first choice.

I invite you to include more fats to your food intake and much less flours and carbohydrates. You’ll notice a huge difference from the start.

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