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The fats controversy seems like a topic that will never end, but many people forget that it is precisely fats that give us life; without them there is no health, there is no optimal metabolism, there is no good training, development and brain evolution, the liver decreases its correct activity, the aging process is more noticeable… in short, we could continue to list each of the negative impacts of diets without the fats; However, I would like to talk to you about them..

Let’s start by saying that the fats we should consume must be real fats. What do I mean? There is an immense amount of industrial chemical fats and they are the first ones that we must discard since its components and / or its process contain elements that damage us: canola oil, palm oil, corn oil, margarine, etc. are just some of the ones we must eliminate. How do I know if they contain chemicals besides having read the label? The process of “creation” is the best way to know. How do you get out the oil from the corn or palm? Can you press them, like an avocado or olive, to have the oil? No it can not be done. For this reason, the industry adds chemical elements.

Vegetable fats? Are you sure they are? Let’s disambiguate the term: in strict sense, vegetable oil should come from vegetables, such as avocado; however, the term was coined by the industry for many oils, such as Mazola, which thanks to its components can cause inflammation.

In my opinion, one of the worst things people can do is to keep low-fat diets —it is necessary to specify that not all of us are genetically the same, although the differences are minimal, but that variation can determine many different things; for example, there are people more susceptible than others to chemicals, industrial processes, food, etc.—; what is certain is that we all need the real fats. The most vulnerable organ with the lack of these is the brain and this can be seen not only in old age, but in childhood.

Diseases linked to lack of fat or excess of toxic fats in the body: Alzheimer’s, dementia, senility, Parkinson’s, degenerative diseases, among others. What is the aggravating factor? While the above for many may seem like a day to day issue, the saddest thing is that these conditions are impacting more and more young people.

I will not get tired of saying it: listening to the body is the best thing that can happen to us and every time we eat it is an opportunity to be healthy. If I suddenly forget things, if I feel tired, if it is harder for me to retain concepts, the solution is probably to eat real fats.

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