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Last week I saw the video What the health and it surprised me for many reasons. The first is that some of the data they show as true are far from being based on scientific data. On the other hand, according to the documentary, they say that the culprit of diabetes is not sugar; this is a fallacy, since, of course, the sugar industry will not tell us it’s harmful, right?

It’s a documentary designed to promote veganism and I do not think they make it clear that the people behind this are vegans. They are trying to promote it from a scientific perspective, but I think there are other important facts that need to be seen.

The documentary is based on the promotion of sugar and I think it is the saddest part: they give a nutritional and medicinal value to sugar that are not valid since there are many studies that have shown the opposite and that is still the number one cause of the degenerative conditions that we suffer from today. According to them, it is animal products and saturated fats that cause degenerative conditions.

In general, I do not think justice is done to the food; they generalize and do not take the time to say that, for example, not all fats are bad; instead they disqualify them all. Unfortunately, the fats we have today, which are mentioned in the film, such as a cookie fats, are fats that are industrial, not real fat, of nature. The same with the protein, the meat and chicken that most people can get on the street, in a common place or in a supermarket, are highly adulterated products by us with antibiotics, with genetically modified grains, etc. So, I believe it’s a movie that seeks to promote veganism; it generalizes and is not based entirely on scientific data. Why not refer to natural organic products, for example?

I think, unfortunately, that is what has happened to us historically: we turn aside without looking at everything else, and I am convinced that there are things we can not stop seeing. It’s not that I’m against veganism; I think it is something that certain people can work with by taking very cautiously; although, I do not think it’s for everyone. On the other hand, I love vegetarianism; I also believe that it must be done responsibly. I am not against animal protein; I personally was a vegetarian for many years; I was never the typical one to eat only bread, soft drinks, processed foods, but I did eat many vegetables, fruits, among others. In me, having, once again, incorporated animal protein of the best quality has been one of the best steps I have taken to improve my health and all the functioning of my body.

Conclusion? What the health is far from being the reality. As always, I invite you to know your body, which is the only one that will tell you what you are doing well.

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