What to do when traveling?

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Since a few years, my life rhythm is a bit hectic. I always try to be studying, which makes me travel continuously; for example, this month I have been in Asia on a course. Besides, I have family outside of Mexico, as well as patients, for which I travel at least once a month. Therefore, at first I had no idea about everything that happens to the body when we travel; now that I do, I take some measures.

• Less food.

On the day when I travel I try to eat less. If the flight is in the morning, I don’t have breakfast and I only take a snack to eat on the plane, which might be nuts or coconut, regularly. If the flight is at a different time, I definitely don’t eat anything heavy hours before so I don’t stress the body digestively.

Why is it not good to consume food (or not that much) before traveling? Our body is perfect; it knows that, if we feed it, the priority will be in the stomach, so if what we eat goes rotten, it is harmful. So, our body will focus on digesting and it will take up strength for other procedures.

• More water.

During the flight, I get hydrated, because all that’s happening above at an electromagnetic level stresses the body and stress makes you dehydrated. So, for every three hours of flight, I drink at least one litre of water on the plane.

• More antioxidants.

Definitely, if I’m going to travel, the doses that I drink of beboon Glow is a lot higher, because this is an antioxidant that helps to protect me from electromagnetic radiations that we go through when we fly and that we won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Why beboon Glow? It’s C vitamin, an antioxidant, and what I do is I take one spoonful (approximately 5mg of vitamin). Everyone who travels are exposed to stressful radiation that swell and oxidize the body and the best is to take actions to prevent future health conditions.

• I avoid dehydrating foods.

Alcohol, sugar, bread and fast food are extremely good to dehydrate us. Try not to eat them.

• “I do earth”.

One of the more effective ways of synchronizing our body to changes in schedule, weathers, etc., is to spend time in nature. Our body and nature are wise: let them act to your favour.

You know, if you’re one of those people who travel continuously, taking these tips will help you a lot.

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