How to control inflammation

30 July, 2017 by admin0

What can I do to control inflammation?

As we have seen in other entries to my blog, inflammation is the best thing that can happen to protect us, but it is important to keep it to a minimum level so we do not have bigger problems with our health. In addition, we must control it because where there is inflammation, there is oxidation, and where there is oxidation, there is aging.

However, there are everyday actions that can help us to increase the level of inflammation or also, which is the ideal, to maintain it at optimum levels.

What can you do (or not do) to decrease it?

Drink water. 
It is known that one of the main reasons for retaining liquids, which is manifested in arms and legs inflammation, is dehydration. The body knows that you are not giving it enough fluid and retains all it can. As I always say: drink at least a liter of water when you wake up, two glasses of water half an hour before each meal and hydrate yourself during the day.

Do not eat sugar.
Sugar is the key that opens all the inflammatory processes. It is known that it is perhaps the most inflammatory food that exists so far, and unfortunately we have it a lot during the day: people add sugar in their coffees, eat cereal for breakfast (sweetened), have desserts after eating, food that is not food, etc.

Do not eat what your body cannot process.
If you already know that you are intolerant to some foods, do not eat them. For example, I know people who are intolerant to coffee and still drink it, at the same time they take antacids and anti-inflammatory. Why do you make your body work unnecessarily?

Do not eat processed meats.
Here I must clarify that this is not about all processed meats; what I recommend you is to eat those meats that do not have chemicals. It is like you bring to your body, your protection system, all its enemies at the same time. Our body is not made to process chemicals that become poison.

Sleep well. 
If today you don’t sleep well, tomorrow you will have more inflammation. In addition, the body will be stressed of overworking.

Avoid stress.
I know that in our days this recommendation may be difficult, but this is true: the greater the stress became, the greater inflammation is.

Do everything you can to keep your body healthy. Take simple actions all day to feel excellent throughout your life.

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