Does your body became inflamed and you have not notice it?

17 July, 2017 by admin0

Did you know that inflammation is not necessarily noticed, and that is the basis of any health condition? If there is a health problem, surely there are inflammatory problems.

This is something that most people do not know and I think it is important. Continuously, my family and I review how indicators of inflammation are, because it is an easy way to avoid unnecessary illnesses or ailments, as it is something that allows you to see, at a cellular level, how your health is.

Inflammation is not only manifested in the stomach, not even when a ring or a shoe does not suite you; not even when we unbutton the shirt or pants after eating. No! Inflammation can be silent and may be causing health problems.

Some indicators, which you can check to see if there is inflammation in your body, are:

•C-reactive protein




•Functional scientific tests

Back to what I always say: inflammation is good, it is an indicator of our body, and it is the way in which it reacts and warns us that something is wrong; however, who wants to be fighting a war against ourselves? No one wants it. Therefore, I invite you to review your inflammation levels and to take action.

Remember: inflammation is your army, and it is very important to have it well-trained and in good condition when it goes to war. The next time you want to take an anti-inflammatory, think twice, because it is like to silence the signals your body is giving you.

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