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6 July, 2017 by admin0

I have always been asked about what is best when it’s time to eat, and it called my attention, when I asked and they respond to me, for example, that many people eat while working or while reading. So, I think that we must ask ourselves is how we optimize the interaction of our body with food in order to get the most out of our body. For this reason, I give you these six tips that improve your body’s interaction with the food. Apply them and analyze the changes:

• Eat only when hungry; otherwise, avoid it. The signals that our body gives us are to be listened to, not to be ignored. If we listen to the needs of our body, it will be easier to keep it healthy.

• Differentiate what your body is asking for. For example, many of the times we feel a “hole” in the stomach, and we believe we are hungry; however, many of the times is our body asking for water. Try it, analyze it, and apply it.

• Eating Schedules. Who said that it is time to have breakfast or eating? Although it may sound repetitive, eat just because someone said that it is time to eat is not optimal.

• Hunger is not a whim. If you think you are hungry when you say you want to eat a cupcake, some fries, chocolates, among others, the ideal thing to do is to analyze why your body is asking you for this specific food, because cravings are linked with hunger. Learn to differentiate it.

• Learn to recognize hunger. Learn to recognize hunger. One of the best ways to recognize hunger is fasting, extending as much as we can the first food intake. Why? Because you will surely feel hungry but you will know that if you don’t eat, nothing happens. And out of this, fasting (not eating frequently) is a tool used in many old medical systems and modern science with much success.

• Chewing. Chew, chew, chew. Take your time. Stop doing things and get ready to eat, both in space and time. Eating in front of a computer, standing, walking, eating, among others, is not to eat in an optimal way.

Enjoy the food and, through it, enjoy a healthy metabolism.

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