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As moms, we worry all the time for our children. If they go to the nursery, what do we do to keep them from getting sick? If the climate is changing, what do we give them to improve their defenses so they do not get sick? If they go to a party, how do we control a little their activities so that they do not get sick? If you go on a trip, what can they eat so they do not get sick? That is to say: all the time, no matter what happens, the health of our children is our main concern.

Of all of the above, some of the actions that I often heard are focused on washing their hands, lying in bed, taking food or cold drinks, not going out with children who are sick, among others. In fact, our children are exposed to everything that we believe is “bad”, even if they are exposed to the company of sick people does not necessarily means that it is a bad thing; indeed, it can be beneficial, they may develop more defenses.

What do I do? Give the defense an ongoing assistance. How? With my children, what I promote the most is the strengthening of the digestive system. For example:

What I don’t do:

  • I do not give them garbage; that is to say, meals offered by the factory, the industry: candies, cookies and breads in packages (Gamesa, Marinela, Tia Rosa, Bimbo and others). I do not give them food that is not food.
  • I do not give them cereals of colors: why do we give them foods with artificial colorings and sweeteners in them that are not really food? A question I ask myself and my children: if it is not food, it is poison? This is the mechanism with which our bodies evolved.
  • Juices offered by factories and popular drinks, such as Del Valle, Jumex, Gatorade, among others. We have sweet and delicious fruits, why do not we eat the fruit instead?

What I Do:

  • Water! Hydration is essential for the correct operation of their systems.
  • Intake of probiotics. How? With an empty stomach is how I do to increase effectiveness.
  • Resting. Yes, when they are little they have a lot of energy and the battery seems that never ends, but the best is to get them used to sleep at a specific time and for long periods of time.
  • Sun, a lot of sun. It is not about getting burned, with 20 or 30 minutes daily is more than enough. The lack of sunlight decreases dramatically the defenses. Leaving them locked up at home is not optimal. And of course, being out in the sun and not putting sunscreen on (being careful of not getting burned, of course).

As you can see, the actions taken are simple; try it, you will see results in your children sooner than you think.

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