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This time I want to make a complete halt. In previous months I´ve had to question about what we live, about what we take for granted without questioning, and it both scares me and makes me alert how people go through the world without listening to their body, without seeing how it changes day to day, without doing anything else than covering signals that our organism provides us.

In my profession I continually hear statistics and from some years ago all of them are very alarming. For example:

  • Without considering skin cáncer, 1 out of 2 men will have skin cancer.
  • 1 out of 3 will be diagnosed with another chronic degenerative condition.
  • 3 out of 4 adults are overweight.
  • 70% of adults in industrialized countries are diagnosed with chronic degenerative diseases.
  • And diabetes, Alzheimer, Parkinson? What do we do when we hear these statistics? Do we take action or we only “listen”?

Now well, lets look at our children scenario:

  • This generation has a lower life expectancy than ours.
  • 1 out of 2 will have cancer. From the above:
    • 50% due to medications and medically prescribed radiation.
    • 48% due to other toxins, “food”, environmental, topical and emotions.

Lets make a stop and ask ourselves: is this normal, is this what I want?  Not me! Optimal is that you don´t develop cancer, that you have energy all your life; optimal is that your brain and body work for what you need until the day you die, any age; optimal is that you don´t develop Alzheimer, that you don´t get a heart attack, that you don´t get a stroke. The truly normal is that you don´t develop prostate cancer, even if you´re more than 70 years old, and that diabetes doesn´t show up in your life even by mistake.

Normal is everything that is associated with the industry. Optimal is everything that we should want for us. Wellness ultimately depends exclusively on each one of us:

Observation: How much attention do you give your body?

Projection: How do you want to live and what are you doing to achieve it?

Currently: How and what am I eating? What foods do I take to my body everyday? How am I living? How is my body working? What does my body need to improve? What symptoms do I have? Listen to them! Analyze yourself and measure!

Being well, having a body in optimal performance is a holistic effort that includes nutrition, rest, physical activity, management and emotional flow, amongst many other actions to quit being normal and become in our optimal version. Do you want to be normal? I don´t.

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