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In conventional medicine there is not much talk about the lymphatic system; Is a system that we have abandoned since we do not see it; That is, the liver and the digestive system can be placed, generally, in the liver and stomach, respectively, but the lymphatic system does not, and therefore we do not see the benefits it has.

In short, the lymphatic system is all the pipes of our body; Is where everything that we discard passes. It is very important because all the systems require of him since that goes the waste.

Some of the most important features of the lymphatic system are:

• The higher the level of toxicity, the more work you will have and the more support you will need.
• Responds to hormonal changes and mechanical factors.
• No valves. It is not like the arteries that pump, but are going to pressure, which makes the flow more vulnerable.

This system requires all our help from two perspectives: how we feed ourselves and how we live. Of the latter, take into account:

• The position: if for your activities you need to be seated, if you can, at least 5 minutes of each hour get up, stretch and / or walk.
• Being seated all the time is a bad habit.
• No tight clothing: fashions come and go, but when it is fashionable to wear tight clothing, you are sacrificing the lymphatic system.
• Exercise: is a great ally to support the lymphatic system; Not only do I speak of swimming, gym, spining, among others; Continuous movement is also highly recommended.

Some tips for mechanical support of the lymphatic system:

• If you are called on the cell phone, take the call standing, walking, not sitting.
• Raises legs at night; This also supports the circulation.
• It is much more effective to move and walk frequently than to spend an hour in the gym for longevity and optimum health.
• Rebound. Yes, we are not balls, but we bounce and that has a positive impact. When walking, our body bounces slightly and that helps the lymphatic system drain. I recommend you bounce with a pilates ball: sit on it and bounce a little; It does not have to be very strong, with small rebounds is perfect. Or, if you can, use a trampoline, which is also fun.

Now, let’s see some points that you must take into account for everything to work in an optimal and integral way:

• Having a good digestion is key, because the lymphatic system originates in the digestive system. If you have reflux, gastritis, colic, among others, take care of giving them root solution, as it also affects the lymphatic system.
• Consume iodine, as it decreases the activity of the lymphatic system, supports it. In all the food of the sea we find it: salt, fish, seafood, seaweed, etc.
• Consume beets, as it is a great resource to help the liver and lymphatic system.
• Include in your diet fresh blueberries (or frozen, in case you do not find them) and in general all berries. It is important that fresh consumption, as the dried berries contain a lot of sugar, which not all people can assimilate, and sometimes fry them with palm oil.
• Hydrate. Water is key for one simple reason: if you do not have enough water in the pipes, there is not enough pressure and, therefore, not all waste is left.

As you saw, the lymphatic system is very important for optimum health. Support it!

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