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The holidays are coming and with them come the questions of my patients:

How to lose this chubby?
What should I do to have a flat stomach?
My belly is swollen and it hurts! What I do?

In my experience, as a health professional, I always promote continuous solutions; That is to say, instead of “covering” the symptom, we better solve it at root. However, yes there are things I do and I have seen it work before the holidays to look spectacular. Here are some things I do for good results:

I reduce the number of hours I eat per day to give rest to the digestive system, since the anti-inflammatory system, 80%, is in the digestion.

I take at least one liter of water on an empty stomach, because it is proven that during the night we dehydrate, and it is the dehydration one of the factors that promote the inflammation.

I do not mix carbohydrates with proteins; Thereby greatly reducing work on the digestive system.

Avoid sugars. Generally I avoid it and more before the holidays; Is one of the foods that most promotes inflammation.

Cider vinegar is present in all my meals, as it helps to regulate acid levels in the stomach to optimize digestion.

I make sure I have an excellent digestive rhythm. People sometimes postpone time to go to the bathroom. No! If at this moment I want to go to evacuate, it is the moment to do it since my body is saying it to me. If you eat when you are hungry – you should not postpone it either – also evacuate when your body requires it.

I exercise. The solutions are complementary: a little exercise makes the difference since you activate all your systems.

I Take my  Inflam Support and Digest from Beboon to support the digestive system; They are also anti-inflammatory.

You see, it’s not about making terrible diets and counting calories at all times; The above you can do it frequently and you will notice extraordinary changes, besides showing that flat belly.

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