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As a professional in training, I never thought that eating had so many repercussions on the body. The food is ambivalent, both can negatively affect our body as it can support it in everything. In conventional science we focused on knowing the condition to diagnose and, from there, prescribe medications, and although they do improve the symptom, they also negatively affect other parts of the body. Instead, eating can not only help the symptom, it also supports the whole body at the same time.

Today, science can help us know how the body is working through blood studies. However, I think we can take more advantage of this information. For example:

Of the 100% of people who have a heart attack, how many people do you think have high cholesterol? Anyone could say, for all that we have been taught, that surely a very high percentage; this is incorrect. Depending on the scientific studies you take for reference, only half of the people had high cholesterol. Now, ask yourself this:

Of 100% of people suffering from a heart attack, stroke, among others, how many do you think had high homocysteine? More than 90%!

What is homocysteine? As a doctor, I’ve never heard of it! I learned of this substance long after studying Medicine and is an inflammatory marker; That is to say, it is a sample of the inflammation that is in the body – we remember that one of the most important factors for that exist diseases in our body is the inflammation. Homocysteine is an amino acid, derived from other amino acids and is perhaps one of the most important indicators for measuring health risk.

What does homocysteine measure? The higher you have it, the more inflammation there is in your body and, as a result, you are at a much higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Among other diseases, having high homocysteine promotes the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, thrombosis, diabetes, infertility, autoimmune conditions, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Did you know homocysteine responds to how we feed? If you are climbing, you are probably eating improperly and you are creating deficiencies of some nutrients (B complexes, for example). Eating industrial flours, bread and oils of lies is harmful for many factors But one of the main ones is that they are the ones that eliminate the complex B of our body . Another example that goes unnoticed is tobacco: if you smoke, you probably have high homocysteine – it applies also if you do it passively; That is, where people are smoking. Finally, another factor that increases sugar is sugar.

To our luck, nature has everything. This substance is diminished with a correct feeding. If you want to reduce it, avoid junk food and include in your daily food vegetables, foliage, beet and fruits in a greater percentage.

Think about it: if you eat every day and do it regularly three times a day, why not take full advantage of it to support your body?

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