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• Every time I ate I become inflamed and take medication.
• On my bedside table I can not miss aspirin.

Have you ever wondered what inflammation is? Have you wondered why, if you take medications continuously, the inflammations return, and with it the pain? Did you know that inflammation is one of the best things that can happen to us?

I always wonder, for example, why do people take so many medicines, even coming to carry in their bags medicine bottles for pains, anti-inflammatories, antacids, etc.? Dont have much sense. And then I think: if they were effective, if they were straight to the root, they definitely would not have to carry them since they would never need them anymore.

In simple terms, what makes your body to stay alive and help you fight what is hurting you is to quickly promote inflammation, which is a survival mechanism. Without the inflammation, we would practically have no signs that could indicate that something is wrong and we could not fight what is hurting us.

Whenever we have inflammation, the body is fighting something. Always! Think  well if you want to eliminate the inflammation at the moment or you want to support it in the process for your body to fight what hurts you.

I’ll give you an example: if I have a pebble in my shoe, it starts to hurt because it is inflamed; Then I take an anti-inflammatory and it stops hurting for a few hours. In a day or two, it hurts more, so I take a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory. Turned out? Yes, for the moment, but the pain and inflammation will return. However, the correct thing would be to remove the pebble, not the inflammation, since when I take off my shoe and clean it, my body will no longer hurt or become inflamed, can you explain? To this I want to arrive: inflammation is never the root, but it is a cry of our body telling us what to do and we almost always ignore.

Inflammation is your army in action and it is very important to have it well trained and in good condition for when you go to war. The next time you want to take an anti-inflammatory, think twice.

Remember: listening to your body is knowing you, and to know you is to lead an optimal quality of life.

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