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The doctor told me to use margarine because I have high cholesterol.
My life is at risk: my cholesterol is high.
I should only eat egg whites because the cholesterol goes up or because I grow fat.

Do you identify with any of the above? Talking exclusively about cholesterol, regardless of other levels, did you know that cholesterol is more dangerous than high cholesterol?

What is cholesterol? In simple terms, cholesterol is part of fat and is, in short, the best thing that can happen to us, because it is the fuel of our hormones and the cellulose membrane of each cell. It is so important that we are designed to produce about 75% of it. Think of it this way: If the body were your house, cholesterol would be the cement with which it was built.

Nowadays everyone wants to lower cholesterol, but there are studies that determine that there is a higher risk of sudden death from low cholesterol, than a high cholesterol. But, in addition to the above, what does it serve us? Take note:

It is the raw material for the brain.
Key to the digestive walls.
It gives solidity to your organs, hormones and brain health.
Give structure to each cell of your body.
Essential element for learning.
It increases the capacity of thinking and memory.
Fertility and anti-aging.
Memory and neurological functions.

Nature is wise, and cholesterol is so important that the body makes sure to produce it in order to have it. Old medicine tells us: the older you are, the greater the burden of cholesterol in your body, since the brain is the most vulnerable with age and we must protect it.

Let’s talk about some myths:

There are good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. False! Cholesterol is simply cholesterol and nothing more.
If I have high cholesterol, it is best to include margarine in my diet. False! This is more harmful to the liver than having high cholesterol.
If I eat cholesterol, I will never be able to lower my levels. False! Only a percentage of the population extremely low has a genetic characteristic that causes that, when consuming the cholesterol, it rises. For others, the cholesterol we have is produced by our body.

We must keep in mind that cholesterol is different in each person. The cholesterol in a nine year old child is not the same as an 80 year old, since they have different needs. So, cholesterol is relative to the person, his age, health, what he does, what he demands, among other factors.

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