Should I fear fats?

15 February, 2017 by admin0

People who know me, know that I love and always recommend fats, not only because they are key to my aging and antiaging process, but also to my hormones and to maintain a good metabolism.

Lately I have been asked what kind of fats and I have realized that maybe we still have some doubts about which ones to choose. There are even people who tell me that they are afraid to eat them because they can get fat, they can get pimples, etc, and that has always made me noise.

Should I fear fats? Yes, but you have to fear chemical or industrial fats. These are, perhaps, our new powerful enemy to conquer. Instead of going to conventional beliefs, let’s look at the process. Take into account that, to determine the quality of fats, we must see that it is a real fat. By this I mean that it was created by nature and not by a chemical laboratory. Everything synthetic in fats seems to be one of the greatest poisons; As large or more than processed sugar.

Have you consumed vegetable oil? Have you considered if it is natural? Ask yourself: What vegetables can I get fat from? Think about this: how do you get fat out of a corn? If you press it as olive presses, does corn oil come out? The only way you can get oil out of a corn is with chemicals. Therefore, it is not a “natural” oil, it is a synthetic oil; The same with soybean oil, cotton oil and many others

When I say vegetable oil, do not believe it at all; Moreover, I assure you that they are cheaper because it costs a lot more, for example, to press olives mechanically – not chemically – than to extract oil to many vegetables with chemicals. These must be feared.

I’ll give you an example: people are afraid of bacon. Why? What I’m afraid of is how they process that bacon. This morning, one of my sons, who does eat meat, ate bacon with guacamole. These are the fats of nature. It is very important to investigate where it comes from what we eat; In this case, whether it is from ranch or factory and with this we ensure that it is quality fat.

So why does my doctor tell me to eat low-fat? Depending on your case is the amount of fat, of course, but you should never stop consuming them. What you should do is get away from industrial fats – like margarine. On the other hand, remember that it has been the food industry that has paid a good part of the studies.

What do I recommend? If you are going to cook, I suggest you are stable fats; These are saturated fats. In addition, you can warm them. Avoid unsaturated cooking oils, as their instability can make them dangerous. Therefore, do not heat olive oil and seed oil in general at high temperatures. In addition, you can find good fats in avocado, olives, butter, ghee, and so on.

The ones that I would definitely never recommend: synthetic fats and vegetable oil ingredients, because your body is not designed for them, for example: corn oil, soybean oil, margarine – this is a classic example recommended by many cardiologists: Did you know that it is very similar to motor oil? Even the relationships between cancer and these types of fat are being studied.

I invite you to investigate more and remember: fats are your ally, but you have to know how to choose them.

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