Eat three times a day, does it help or affect me?

15 February, 2017 by admin0

I have noticed that many people have incorrect information about fasting. The reality is that it has been said that fasting is bad. Is it really bad? How could something that has been used since we existed as a spice be so dangerous? The food industry tells us that it is bad; What a good way to invite us to drink, do not you think? What I hear most, and what is wrong, are arguments such as:

Like every 3 hours to speed up my metabolism.
Breakfast always because they tell me that I wake up the metabolism.
If I do not eat breakfast early, I’m weak all day.
These are common responses that I hear about why you should not “fast” and I always wonder: where will these beliefs come from? If we seek, they are beliefs infused even by the professionals themselves. But where do they come from? If you look for more you will find that they come from studies sponsored by the same food industry. Moreover, sometimes I hear that not eating for a long time weakens you, lowers the pressure, makes you fat. And if you think about it, to some extent this does not make logical sense, because we would not be alive. In the past this was never the case. Think about it: if that were true, we would all be weak, fat, diabetic and sick, and of course we would not have survived.

Let’s talk about the antecedents: the fast has been used ancestrally; Has been a tradition in many civilizations since prehistory. The religions and medical systems of all cultures have carried it out. Fasting has been part of our evolution and has been used safely and with great results, both to focus more on certain tasks and to strengthen the body. Even today, there are religions that continue to fast.

When they ask me what I do continuously, I tell them that fasting. It is a tool that I practice and preach. Why? Fasting puts the body at rest; That is, it puts you in a situation where you are not digesting mechanically, chemically or hormonally, and this not only gives a break to all our systems, but causes them all to begin to regenerate. Of course, there will be people in specific and delicate health conditions where this is not recommended; However, for the vast majority, if they are in good health, it is a helpful tool.

Through fasting, all your hormones, both metabolic and growth, enter into a process of regeneration where they allow you to use your resources. Its usefulness lies in that it will be easier for you to lose weight and stop aging. On the contrary, if you eat every three hours you are using the immediate resources, and all those reserves in the body will never be exhausted.

What do I recommend?

It dedicates half of the day to the regeneration; To do this, he performs a daily fast of 12 hours minimum. If your body is not ready you are likely to have emotional, physical and mental crises. Get ready: do it slowly.
Eat only when you are hungry.
Who set the breakfast schedule? If you get hungry until 13:00, then have breakfast until that time.
What will you accomplish with that?

More energy.
Better digestion.
Mental clarity.
Improvement in defenses.
Help your body to regenerate. Daily, every day you have the opportunity to achieve a better quality of life. Practice fasting and enjoy all the benefits it brings.

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