Cold cuts: Are they ideal form my daily diet?

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We all think eating turkey ham, smoked salmon and other trendy foods is healthy, especially those to clain to have 0% fats. Companies focus in selling their products but we should focus in buy only what´s good for us.

Have you thought what´s required to preserve a cold cut until it´s sold in a supermarket? One of the chemicals added are nitrates, which, amongst other purposes gives the color to hams. Think about it: are all animals equal? No! Then, which are all hams, even from the same brand, the same color?

We find nitrates in food in a natural form. Synthetic ones are the real problem, they´re added to cold cuts to keep them fresh because they act in a way that delays bacterial growth. Now, science has discovered that these nitrates damage cells in the body and they´ve been associated with cancer.

When I tell one of my patients to include serrano ham in his diet generally their face shows surprise and they tell me they´ve heard its really bad. Well, it does have more calories, but your body uses something more natural, something healthy and nitrate free, than all those foods with so many chemicalls. Besides, fats, as we´ve seen, are necessary for our cells optimal performance.

Something that should be very clear is that cold cuts are not harmful for our organism; it´s the multiple chemicals that are in them.  A meat that ages with natural air and salt is much better than a “fresh” meat fully loaded with chemicals. We didn´t talk about quitting sausage products either, no, the secret lies in avoiding nitrates as much as possible.

I´ve recommended many of my patients to follow a paleo diet, which´s basically centers in consuming meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and roots, amongst others, avoiding the most they can highly processed products and refined sugars.

But if you like to eat once in a while hams and cold cuts, some you can have, and that I give my kids because they have less chemicals*, are:

  • Cinco jotas Serrano Ham
  • Palacios Sausage
  • Joselito Ham

What makes them different? Unlike many others in the market, these brands take out artificial nitrites and nitrates in their processes. Besides, animals from which they come live in their natural habitat; this means, they´re not being forcefully fed to get fat.  Just like a car that doesn´t work if you put orange juice instead of gas, our body is made to eat food, not chemicals. If you´re going to consume cold cuts and sausage products choose the most atural ones and enjoy them: the healthy doesn´t have to stop being tasty.

*My recommendations in this blog don´t have advertising or commercial purposes or any other type, besides informative.

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