A new way of measuring our body!

3 August, 2016 by admin1

As we know, technology has been a great ally to measure our health goals, weight and performance. We have modern clinical laboratories and specialized studies that show us how our hormones and bodies are working and how is our microbiome changing; we can also obtain information  about the general state of the body through x-rays, MRI´s and specific blood tests.

Today, technology is becoming more accesible.  I´m sure you are familiar with the different watches, wristbands and applications with accessories for the smartphone.

Now, I just discovered a new three dimensional scale that shows how the body changes day by day, and even though the weight is not the most important factor in our health, it definitely is an aspect we like to take into account.

The Naked scale captures a 3D model of the body and visualizes not only the changes in weight and different zone measurements, but it also gives us precise information about body fat, muscle growth and other several details.

With such a detailed follow-up we learn to consider that every action and every decision will have an effect on our health and our body

Every moment is an opportunity to get closer
or further apart from our goals.

Developments like this help us improve our quality of life, by understanding how some aspects of our organism work and react.

This fantastic device will be launched to the market early next year, and if you want to learn more and reserve yours,  clic here.

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  • Maria

    3 August, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    Excellent article!


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