Do you suffer from Cravings? Are you afraid of Bacteria?

22 July, 2016 by admin0

Are you afraid of bacteria? I was panicked with them! Not only on a personal level, at a professional level as well. If they’re that bad, how can they improve our metabolism? Well they do according to science!

Did you know that our body is 90% made up of bacteria? For strange it may seem this is real, studies indicate that the more variety of bacteria we have the better our body will be. This means we´ll not only have a stronger defense system, we’ll also have a better metabolism.   

Then, instead of counting calories and dieting constantly, usa a really effective strategy: increase the variety of bacteria in your organism.

More bacteria variety is proven to translate in less sugar and chocolate cravings.  

For more bacteria variety in you, I suggest:

  • Young woman at the marketVariety, variety, variety! Try to include different food everyday.
  • Eat real food! I mean, instead of food that’s produced by the industry, it´s better if it comes from a farm, from nature.
  • Get your products in local markets: the imperfect ones, with spots, marks and patches with irregular sizes and forms.
  • Definitely say No! To industrial, processed food.
  • Consume vegetables always you can.
  • Consume fermented, like the famous pickles, sauerkraut, etc.
  • Consume food rich in “resistant starches”

Many of the myths we hear actually weaken our body, the obsession for perfection and the sterilization of food harms us, just as avoiding banana (“because it has a lot of sugar”) or limit the quantity of garlic when preparing food, when actually both banana and garlic promote a microbiotic variety that improves our health and metabolism. Sure, it’s not always easy to make decisions regarding good or bad when we´re saturated with information that keeps reducing the variety of food we can consume in a healthy way, but in this the nature has the truth and we constantly get messages from it such as spots in bananas that attract insects, or mango or apple that may have a trace of worm. If these  animals chose these fruits then , They’re the ones I want! They’ll never make a mistake at the moment of choosing what to do right.

I understand that all this information  sound a bit radical compared to what you’ve been told all your life, but don’t weight yourself down, for now remember that the key for optimal health is variety.

Variety of food will give us variety of bacteria; forget about eating always the same.

Forget about canned and labeled food, or perfect shaped and colored fruits that you find in supermarkets. Nature is also within you and if little by little you prepare your body to receive these foods you´ll see how it will thank you.  

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