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9 June, 2016 by admin0

How you already know, every week I publish a text about a health topic related to nutrition and how it can be determinant or have an influence in our organism depending on the focus that is given to it.

I´ll avoid science and academic rigor and share what I´ve been investigating from my medical experience and the new discoveries that we´re developing in the heart of Beboon.

To start, I want to share with you that nearly two months ago I had an accident while skying and I hurt my both knees. This radically changed my lifestyle and routine. Even though changes are hard, these haven´t stopped me from doing what I most like: educate, create and develop programs to help people take care of their bodies through nutrition, science and ancient medicines.



 “Remember, the first thing we want to fight after an operation is inflammation. Every ailment has inflammation as a common factor.”



I´ve been strongly focusing in my recovery and this has taught me a lot, so I´d like to share this experience with you.

Regardless of me focusing in surgery recovery, these techniques help in any type of recovery that you´re trying to achieve because almost all healing processes start in the digestive tract and our immune system.

How you well know, all surgeries causes damage in our organs and tissues. And then, if we add anesthesia and medications wea have to take after, we can say our organism is affected in many aspects.

This is why the way how you eat and take care of your body after a surgical procedure is vital for a fast and efficient recovery.

So here is some advice that I´ve learned to optimize recovery after a lesion or surgery:

  1. Cold; ice is essential… Using cold to control or counteract inflammations is a great way to help your body without using medications which eventually may have negative effects in your health. 
  2. Consuming ginger, lots of ginger. It´s been discovered that it not only works to counteract nausea caused by medications, it´s also a great natural antiinflamatory. 
  3. Eat only when you´re hungry. And make sure to do so in small poritons. Giving your digestive system a rest will help you recover faster. 
  4. Avoid processed products. Try eating only fresh and organic food. 
  5. Fermented coconut water: yes, one of the things you want to do is give your organism fermented food, these will help regenerate all your microbiome and intestinal flora which is vital for the body regenerating process. 

On the other hand I want to tell you that I´ve been dedicating my time, besides recovery, to the design of a series of recipes for our nutrition programs, specifically to help reduce inflammation. These will be for our Anti-inflammatory tune up. 

And that´s not all.

Soon we´ll be launching a new detox program. It´s called Level 2 Tune-Up and it´s only available in our Miami offices, nevertheless this is about to change.



We already had the first trials with our Beboon team in Mexico and results were fantastic. For some, the challenge wasn´t easy because it´s only for people who have previously taken some of our meal plans or Level 1 Tune-ups.

Few things that are worth it are actually easy, and this is what they said after finishing the detox:

A wonderful experience!  It´s been 3 weeks since I did it and I still don´t have cravings, my stomach inflammation is gone, I´m sleeping incredibly well, I feel much lighter and I lost 4 pounds. 

Woman, 40 years

Lastly I want to tell you about the new partnership we belong to. There´s a place in Plaza La Noria, located in Bosques de Reforma, called Anahd. This is a yoga, meditation and pilates studio.


It all started because the owner, a good friend of mine, offered me a space to give a conference about the importance of nutrition in our lives. And this is how it all began. Now you can also find our products and nutrition plans there too.


How you can see we continue to grow and expand our philosophy. If you want to know more about health and nutrition I recommend a book I´m reading. It´s called The Chronic Stress Crisis by Wililiam G. Timmins, M.D.

It´s a book I recommend to anyone who wants to to improve their body, heal, and/or prevent diseases. Timmins explains the reasons why we´re deteriorating in health and what is taking us to the crisis and never seen epidemics of chronic and degenerative diseases.

If you want something faster and not less interesting to read, don´t miss this New York Times article which I found amazing how they approach health.

So that´s it for today. And remember: take care of your body, eat as natural as possible and always go with nature.




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