Advice to Recover From Holiday´s Excesses

20 April, 2016 by admin0

After holidays it´s time to tune-up your body. It´s common that during this period of time we neglect our eating habits, eating or drinking more than we´re used to. Nevertheless, the damage doesn´t have to be so severe.

The key resides in implementing soon enough the necessary actions and the recovery will be the same. The body has memory and precisely because of this the sooner you take charge of correcting the damage, the easier you´ll recover.

For this there are some keys that will help you recover from holidays excesses in an easy and fast way- if your holidays were completely healthy these will also be of help, aiding in your organism cleanse and improving your metabolism- so don´t think any longer and put them in practice immediately.

1) One of the most important keys, even if it seems too obvious, is eating less. This will allow you metabolize previous extras. The best way to achieve this is eating only when you´re hungry. Try not to consume junk foof before meals or during the day and reduce a little your habitual portions, this way you won´t notice so much the decrease in food and it will be easier to recover.

2) Specially, take care of your liver, now that it´s the key organ of metabolic hormones and of “cleanse” in general, working like a filter in our body. For this I recomend eating dark green food, yes, just what you hear: eat arugula, watercress, spinach, etc.

Avoid eating fake food. When you´re going to consume something make sure that you know all ingredients, this way you´ll avoid extra work for your liver, and off course, limit alcohol intake, preferably avoiding it completely during this recovery period.

3) It´s very important to keep our lymphatic system healthy and working to perfection, this is the “pipeline” system in our organism, through which all celular waste and residues pass. To improve results in our body it´s necessary to have a good flow in these pipes.

Drink hot water between meals, this is an ancient therapy to stimulate the lymph and help you cleanse your digestive tract after eating.

Move after eating, this way every time you walk you stimulate the lymph and aid your digestive process.

Now that you know, recovering from holidays doesn´t have to be a tedious and hard process; follow these advices as soon as possible and remember that the faster you start with the recovery process the easier it will be to detox your organism and regain the shape you had before vacations.

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