Inflammation: friend or enemy?

6 April, 2016 by admin0

Inflammation is present in many aspects of our lives, it´s so like this that the capacity to inflame is absolutely necessary for normal repairing processes to take place in our bodies. Nevertheless, when the inflammation process is not regulated or controlled is when we start to have problems with it.

Did you know that before getting any type of disease the body always presents as a symptom some type of inflammation?

Have you ever suffered or know someone who has had cancer, Alzheimer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, migraines, thyroid problems or arthritis? If the answer is yes this emans you´ve been in contact directly or indirectly with the inflammatory process. Actually, it would be precise tos ay that without inflammation most of diseases wouldn´t even exist.

Nonetheless, for many people it might appear strange that such a common symptom like inflammation is so intimately related with a high number of diseases that affect today a big part of the global population.

This is due to the fact that many times inflammation doesn´t present itself as the disease that is disturbing the organism, but rather as a symptom that reflects some other health condition that can be more severe.

Remember that symptoms are the most effective way that our body has to communicate with us. From here the importance of paying attention to them and attend them in an immediate and effective way, never covering them up or putting them to sleep with anti-inflammatories.

Regrettably, conventional medicine still recurs to pharmaceutical drugs to mask symptoms instead of getting to the root of the problem. That´s why the key to effectiveness in the treatment of any disease, and in order to get back to balance again, is treating it from all levels.

It´s important to highlight that when talking about inflammation we should consider the digestive and immune systems, now that all these processes are intimately related.

Why do I say this? It´s well known in medicine that the immune system conducts the inflammatory process during diseases; while the intestine is the organ that mediates inflammation.

However, this is not the only relationship between the digestive and the immune system.

Recent studies show that between 70% and 80% of our defenses are located in our intestine. This is due to the fact that in this organ lives something that is known as the microbiome: bacteria in charge of helping us process food, produce vitamins and defend ourselves from external pathogens. Therefore the way we eat does matter, and a lot.

Here´s a table that illustrates the relationship between some diseases and inflammation.

tabla inflammation

* Cytokines: cytokines are a group of proteins that regulate interactions of immune system cells. Their immune regulation role is key in the immune response and inflammation.

If you suffer from inflammation here are some recommendations that can help you:

1) Avoid stress, excess of physical exercise and lack of sleep

2) Create appreciation and loving conditions, keep positive attitude, do appropriate exercise, reestablish sugar balance in your blood and facilitate healthy social interactions. Psychological aspect is very important when treating inflammation.

3) Include fermented food in your diet and take care of your intestinal flora

4) Listen to your body and avoid shutting down symptoms with pharmaceuticals. If you suffer from continuous inflammation go and have tests done to find the root cause.

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