Weight, more than just numbers

15 March, 2016 by admin0

Through time and our evolution as human beings, beauty has always played a fundamental role in our culture.

Once the stage in which surviving was all that mattered, beauty, the aesthetics and pleasurable became the directors of society and culture. Each generation had specific characteristics that distinguished them from others and from previous tendencies. Nevertheless, the search for beauty remains cyclic. Regardless of changes, the end point is still the same: fulfilling established standards which are currently set by fashion and advertising.

Evolution and variations as to how “the body should look” have been so changing as the ocean tide, and for the moment I think we could say that 90% of the people want to look slim and athletic to fulfill that social and heavy standard and be considered as attractive.

From here the million dollar question comes up. As the programs that sold us this idea of beauty with which we live today: What can I do to loose weight and not die trying?

When speaking of weight the first thing that comes to our mind is food, and it´s normal, because to survive we need to feed ourselves. And somehow when we do this in a wrong way, eating also keeps us further away from our goal of having a slim body. However, if we learn how to eat well and listen to our body, food can turn into the solution to many of our problems.

Now, lets clear something out: eating well doesn´t mean starving to death, consuming light products or restrict my meals to a specific number of calories per day. Eating well and knowing how to eat goes way beyond this.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation: either dieting, watching more than your life the amount of calories you consume in a day, or exercising frenetically without achieving the weight you want, or sometimes even increasing a little more weight?

I´ll start by saying this: we´re not computers or machines with an instruction manual. We´re the result of our diet, our hormones, our metabolism, our bacteria and our emotions. Yes, if you didn´t know, our mood affects us as much as what we take into our mouths. Each body works and reacts to food and emotions in a different way and there are still many things we don´t yet know about our bodies, which are constantly changing.

We can´t think that we´ll loose weight as if we were machines; miracle products don´t exist, in which with by drinking a magic smoothie or taking a pill three times a day you´ll have the body you wished for all your life.

To achieve a good body performance, and in consequence, obtain the optimum weight for your health and beauty, we should be much more strategic and regain many of the teachings that nature gives us everyday instead of those promoted by many industries which are interested in selling their products and keeping the problem active.

Have you realized how in some occasions somebody who has a diet similar to yours looses weight and you don´t? Well, a reason could be the difference in his microbiome health and yours, or his or her hormonal balance, or liver functioning, or a combinations of some of these.

So if you want to loose weight you know that first you have to be healthy overall, each organ should be in optimal conditions. The weight, as well as the skin, the hair, and the nails are a reflect of our health state: of how we are in the inside.

My recommendation:

  1. Take care of your body from the inside out. It´s impossible for you to look good on the external if inside your organs are not well. At least in the long term.
  2. Loosing weight is not only about calories, this would mean that our body works like an oven and that everyone´s works the same. You´ve probable realized that the more you reduce food, in the long run, the less you loose weight.
  3. Listen to your body. Symptoms are the best that can occur because they give us the chance of improving our physiology.
  4. Avoid artificial ingredients that are not designed for human body. While reading labels make sure that what you´re consuming is  something you recognize and you know where it comes from.
  5. It sounds logic, but we don´t always do it: Take care of your body and don´t abuse it. Avoid any excess.


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