How Does the Lack of Gallbladder Affect Your Digestion?

1 March, 2016 by admin0

One of the key processes of our body is digestion. To optimize it, we need many organs, and the gallbladder is one of them. 

Every year thousands of patients undergo surgery due to gallbladder complications. A common ailment with a common solution. We can say removing the gallbladder  is a relatively simple procedure because after the removal it doesn´t require replacement of another healthy gallbladder. Nevertheless, even if people can go living without a gallbladder, there are clear alterations due to the lack of this organ in our organism.

When you don´t have a gallbladder the digestive process remains incomplete and a sub-optimal digestion condition comes up. The gallbladder is necessary to store bile that is produced by lack of food and is key in fat absorbtion, especially Omega 3 fatty acids, which are major protectors of our cells, brain, and body in general health.

Not having a gallbladder increases the risks of having irritaded intestinal walls, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea and some types of colon cancer. So if you don´t have a gallbladder you should help your body to perform the functions that this organ performed to absorb protective fats efficiently.

If you had your gallbladder removed, here are some recommendations you might want to follow :

  • Consume biliar salts, this is something the gallbladder produces
  • Add minerals to your foods to support digestive functions
  • Include beetroot in your meals, it helps digest fats
  • Take digestive enzymes that have lipase, ideally from a natural source instead of a synthetic one
  • You can also include Tummy Happy Seeds and mineralizing Salt  (Both products you can buy in

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