Do you “need” a cup of coffee to get your day off?

29 February, 2016 by admin0

This may be one of the first signs that this substance may not be doing your body good.

Coffee comes from nature, and as all things that nature gives us, it has a purpose.  And I often ask myself if this bean is meant to be used as an occasional medicine or an everyday food.

Long ago coffee was traditionally used occasionally in small amounts as a digestive aid after daytime meals. And with time this has changed to consuming 16 plus sized once cups, daily, or several times per day.

With age I have come to cherish not only the smell but the taste of this substance.  However, I want to make sure I keep it in enjoyment and not dependency.  As with any other food, or medicine, depending on a substance to perform well, is far from ideal, and a sign of the harm this substance is probably doing in our body.

Yes, there is plenty of research proving all the wonderful effects coffee has.  And yes, there are as many studies showing the deleterious effects of it as well.  We now know using coffee as either a stimulant or a laxative, not only creates dependencies, but eventually adrenal imbalances as well.   These adrenal imbalances can create energy problems through the day,  hormonal imbalances and impair cognitive functions.

So, if you find yourself “needing” that cup of coffee, I suggest you start weaning it down gradually, and go some days without any coffee.   Not only will you liberate yourself from a dependency, but you will give your body a “real” boost of energy!

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