Are you still drinking diet soda?

29 February, 2016 by admin0

Do you find yourself ordering Diet sodas or diet drinks?  Do you think you are saving yourself “calories” by doing so?  Is this helping you with your weight?  Have you ever wondered why if the are diet, you are not losing weight?

I used to … hope so.   And of course, I would then find myself looking desperately for any kind of sweet or dessert in the afternoon.  Coincidence?  No, no coincidence according to the science.

According to research, diet sodas may be just as bad if not worse than regular drinks.    New studies have shown that artificially sweetened drinks may actually be contributing to obesity and type 2 diabetes.   Not only did diet sodas increased the risk of diabetes more than the sugary sodas, but also women who drank the diet version, drank twice as much.  Artificial sweeteners have been found to be addictive.  So the more artificial sweeteners you consume, the more sweets you will crave.

But how can they be contributing to more cravings, weight gain and diabetes, if they are calorie free?
Yes, artificial sweeteners are not technically absorbed by our digestive system, however,  they do not pass by our body unperceived.  In fact they interact with our bacteria, with our gut microbiota.   Research has shown that artificial sweetners induce glucose intolerance by altering this gut microbiota. These studies suggest that artificial sweeteners enhance the type of gut bacteria that are more efficient at pulling energy from our food and turning that energy into fat!   In other words, artificial sweeteners seem to favor the growth of bacteria that absorb more calories from our food!  So this means you may be eating very “light”, but you will get fat easier.

As always I think to myself, we are better off working WITH nature rather than AGAINST nature.  It does´t make sense that an artificial chemical can help strengthen our physiology.  In nature, sweet taste does exist, however it is rare and takes work to absorb it.  Think of a real sugar cane, very sweet, and lots of work.

 I hope you think twice before going for a diet soda again, or a diet  food.  And if you want to learn more, I suggest you watch the   documentary Sweet Misery. 

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