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Today, as I always told you, widespread misinformation causes more problems than we imagine. For example: Did you know that gastritis is much more common due to the lack of production of acid than the excess of it? Https://nutritionreview.org/2013/04/gastric-balance-heartburn-caused-excess-acid/

You have the same symptom, but it is much more common for the lack of production of acid than the excess of it, conventionally, the “treatment” is the same. Doesn’t it make sense? I don’t think so.

The next question for those who have gastritis would be: What did I do, or didn’t I do to stop producing the acid that I need? Or what have I done to spoil my body so it doesn’t respond correctly?

The following: the things that I did or didn’t do, how many times did I have to take an antacid to relieve discomfort of the moment?

Finally: are antacids harmful? According to some studies, antacids are a category of drugs highly prescribed and misused, and they eventually end up doing more harm than the good they can make to our body. Https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20458086

It is true that, if we don’t have enough acid in the stomach, we feel a sharp pain and discomfort, and it is also true that antacids are medicines that greater codependency produces in us. The first thing that I would recommend to people who daily take antacids is that don’t stop them suddenly; removing them from our habits have to be gradual, activating a protocol. At the same time, you should review to detail how your diet is, what you tend to do while eating, etc., to get to the root.

Antacids, in general terms, are anti-life. To live we need to have enough acid in our stomach, which must be of a PH between 1 and 3, aproximately Https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/003883.htm . The bad news is that the more antacids you take, the more likely you are to digestive infections and others; you are much more likely to allergies and autoimmune conditions; you are much more likely to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, among many others.

The solution is to retrain our body: farewell to habits that damage our metabolism, goodbye to the bad fats and the immense amount of food that we eat today.

Some tips (depends on how much time you have being taking antacids and the cause of bad digestive education):

  • Water. Basically, water is our fuel; we depend on it to produce important substances in our body. I recommend you take two glasses of water half an hour before each food.
  • Minerals: they are the key to the production of acid. Instead of table salt, use salts in their most natural form, without processing them.  Himalayan salt or mineralizing salt.
  • Chewing food well. Given that you probably have some shortcomings in your digestive system, chewing much more the food will help it to work better.
  • Do not eat under stress, because the brain is busy in giving other signs to the body and it is not concentrated in the digestive system.

Identify whether it is due to the lack of production of acid or excess of it. Remember that the vast majority is due to the lack of it. You can add cider vinegar to your meals, as this helps to acidify.

Most of us are born perfect. The question is: what did I do to destabilize my digestive system? The questions are inside, in what we do, not outside. Know your body, correct eating habits and enjoy optimal health.

If you require more information, I suggest you to check the following sources or I invite you to contact me.











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