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The power of hormones and our diet

If there´s something that has power over our lives, our body and our mood are our hormones.

These are the chemical messengers of our body. They travel through our bloodstream to our tissues and organs, controlling to a great extent all processes that take place in our organism.

Amongst the most important functions regulated by hormones are the correct performance of multiple organs, human body´s growth and development, reproduction, sexual characteristics, use and storage of energy, control of liquids, salt and glucose levels in our blood.

Hormones can be natural or synthetic: natural are segregated by different glands of the endocrine system and synthetic are all those manufactured by man.

And you may wonder, ¿What does all this have to do with our diet? The answer is: EVERYTHING!

Hormones are in charge of regulating our appetite and how our metabolism uses and absorbs the food we eat, then it´s correct to say that our hormones directly affect our diet, as well, directly affect our hormones. That´s how fasting, excess eating and exercise all impact this system.

Hormones are very powerful. Only a minimum amount of them is needed to cause big changes in cells and even in the whole body.

This is why we should be very careful with the way we eat and the products we consume. Nowadays, obesity has become one of the main helat-related problems around the world. We hear cases in which women start to menstruate and develop at an alarmingly early age and people of all ages with overweight, diabetes or insulin resistance issues.

One particular cause can´t be specified as the only responsible for all these changes and emergent problems, what we can for sure is mention certain factors that contribute to making these disease more common everyday.

One of the most important factors is diet, now that to feed the global population agricultural and meats industries have been obliged to recur to artificial methods so they can provide for the necessary quantity of food.

These methods include the use of hormones to grow and fatten animals, overcrowding small spaces of land with an overload of animals that are raised under very harsh conditions. Seeds are genetically modified to obtain stronger and more abundant crops, and the use of everyday more potent pesticides to avoid plagues. These have not only contributed to improve food production but have also negatively affected health of many people who consume these products.

The same as with food, beauty products such as lipsticks, creams and other derivates of petroleum have caused damages and alterations in our hormonal health, that many times are hard to identify or take many years to manifest in a specific way.

Therefore my recommendation, as it always has been, is to go in favor and flow of nature, instead of against it.

Optimize your diet by:

  1. Eating the most amounts of organic sourced products possible, including animal products you consume
  2. Avoid low fat or light products, because they contain big quantities of sugar
  3. Exercise regularly, if possible everyday

And you will see noticeable benefits in many aspects of your health such as:

  1. Improve energy levels
  2. Enjoy more mental clarity, memory and ability to focus
  3. Possible weight loss
  4. More healthy and functional organs, leading to less health affections and to a slower aging process

Remember that hormones have a surprising power over our bodies and the chemical processes that are carried on inside it. Therefore the less damage we do to our hormones and the better we take care of them, the better our health will be in all aspects.

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