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Dr. Patricia Restrepo


The fats controversy seems like a topic that will never end, but many people forget that it is precisely fats that give us life; without them there is no health, there is no optimal metabolism, there is no good training, development and brain evolution, the liver decreases its correct activity, the aging process is more noticeable… in short, we could continue to list each of the negative impacts of diets …Read More


Last week I saw the video What the health and it surprised me for many reasons. The first is that some of the data they show as true are far from being based on scientific data. On the other hand, according to the documentary, they say that the culprit of diabetes is not sugar; this is a fallacy, since, of course, the sugar industry will not tell us it’s harmful, …Read More

What to do when traveling?

WHAT DO I DO WHEN I TRAVEL? Since a few years, my life rhythm is a bit hectic. I always try to be studying, which makes me travel continuously; for example, this month I have been in Asia on a course. Besides, I have family outside of Mexico, as well as patients, for which I travel at least once a month. Therefore, at first I had no idea about everything …Read More

How to control inflammation

What can I do to control inflammation? As we have seen in other entries to my blog, inflammation is the best thing that can happen to protect us, but it is important to keep it to a minimum level so we do not have bigger problems with our health. In addition, we must control it because where there is inflammation, there is oxidation, and where there is oxidation, there is …Read More


I have received comments from the statement from the American Healthy Heart Association, which tells us that saturated fats, including coconut oil, should be avoided and instead should consume canola oil, soybean oil and corn oil. In this regard, I must say that I do not agree in any way and I will explain my position. The report is to analyze issues of special importance and is not really a …Read More

Does your body became inflamed and you have not notice it?

Did you know that inflammation is not necessarily noticed, and that is the basis of any health condition? If there is a health problem, surely there are inflammatory problems. This is something that most people do not know and I think it is important. Continuously, my family and I review how indicators of inflammation are, because it is an easy way to avoid unnecessary illnesses or ailments, as it is …Read More

food Interactio

I have always been asked about what is best when it’s time to eat, and it called my attention, when I asked and they respond to me, for example, that many people eat while working or while reading. So, I think that we must ask ourselves is how we optimize the interaction of our body with food in order to get the most out of our body. For this reason, …Read More


Myths AND HABITS OF A PERSON WITH heartburn. Today, as I always told you, widespread misinformation causes more problems than we imagine. For example: Did you know that gastritis is much more common due to the lack of production of acid than the excess of it? Https://nutritionreview.org/2013/04/gastric-balance-heartburn-caused-excess-acid/ You have the same symptom, but it is much more common for the lack of production of acid than the excess of it, conventionally, the “treatment” is the …Read More


HOW DO I PROTECT MY CHILDREN? As moms, we worry all the time for our children. If they go to the nursery, what do we do to keep them from getting sick? If the climate is changing, what do we give them to improve their defenses so they do not get sick? If they go to a party, how do we control a little their activities so that they do not …Read More

What are hormones?

When we think about hormones, we regularly think in a woman; however, although many people do not believe it, hormones control the body, both women and men. We have a lot of hormones in our body and it is believed that they are not all discover. In everyday life, we talk about 50 hormones that handle both basic and complex functions of our body: We depend on them with regard …Read More