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Dr. Patricia Restrepo

Do you lower the fever or support it?

Can you imagine what our nomad ancestors did when they got a fever? Do you think they took something to lower it? Of course not. And that was how we survived. Interesting, huh? A fever is an inflammation mechanism that protects the body when there is an infection. It gets it by creating an inhospitable environment for the invasive organisms: in essence, it raises the temperature so they can’t survive. …Read More

How inflammatory is your life?

During these hot months, you are probably experiencing some type of inflammation. Commonly, we identify it with the suffix “itis:” colitis, gastritis, rhinitis, dermatitis, arthritis… It can also manifest itself in the form of headaches or allergies. Do you know why your body is inflamed? Inflammation is a mechanism that the body developed to protect us. Imagine that you hit or cut yourself: if there’s no inflammation, you won’t heal. …Read More

Is it really necessary to use supplements to be healthy?

Ideally, feeding ourselves correctly would be enough! Nature is our main source of health. Unfortunately, due to the ethics of agricultural industry practices, our soils are lacking in nutrients and compounds that should belong to it. We’ve stolen them to optimize productivity. We’re starting to see deficiencies in our body that we’d never seen before and starting to find toxicity that enters our body through the food we consume. Because …Read More

My lifesaving kit to travel

Has food made you sick when you travel? Do you suffer from traveler’s constipation, diarrheas or infections?  In this video I share with you the supplements I always take with me to protect me and my children during our trips. In the text I suggest a couple more supplements to prevent frequent discomforts.  ✦   To prevent digestive discomforts  Leaving for a trip, a lot of people suffer from infections …Read More

CARBOHYDRATES: Friends or enemies? 

Is there a reason to be afraid of carbohydrates? Many of the diets focused on losing weight quickly sacrifice carbohydrates. But our body needs them: they are the fuel for most body functions, including the brain. They are so important that our liver produces them. That’s why they are not an essential food. To know which carbohydrates are healthy we need to understand what types are there, what effects they have on our organism …Read More

Take care of your hormones: Become your body detective.

Did you know your hormones are, mostly, responsable of how you feel every day? They are the ones that control us. The feeling of anxiety, constant hunger o cravings, are the result of malfunctioning of hormones. We also notice it when our period is misaligned, when you are gaining weight, when you don’t have energy or need to drink coffee to feel better or when you need to eat something …Read More

Hormone problems? Not for me.

I didn’t think about hormones before, but now I’m closer to my 50s than my 40s, so I’m thinking about hormones, but not in a negative way. I know I have to optimize them, I have much more knowledge and awareness than I used to 10 years ago. Why should we optimize them? First of all, I want my aging process to be harmonic. I wouldn’t like to see myself tired, …Read More

5 things you might do daily that make you bloated

Every day we are exposed to factors that promote bloating; however, sometimes we don’t know that certain habits affect us a lot more than we think. We’ve already talked about bloating; we’ve said that it’s a defense mechanism and that it’s useful to know the source of the problem; however, we must consider that, the more bloated the body is, the more diseases we’ll have. Here are 5 factors that …Read More


The first thing we must do is disambiguate the term; for many, being inflamed is to be holding liquids; for others, it means having to unbutton their pants. Inflammation is a body’s defense mechanism, a protection mechanism, and that may be present, you notice it or not. Another point that’s not considered is that inflammation is necessary because, thanks to it, the body is able to defend itself. Let’s take …Read More


Is your sleep not refreshing enough? We’ve already talked about the effects of sleeping badly: it accelerates inflammatory processes, bad mood, fatigue and others. However, sometimes we don’t think about the reasons why we’re not sleeping well. One of the most common reasons why people sleep poorly is emotional, especially stress. But what happens when the body is stressed? Definitely, the mind does not relax and the hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal …Read More