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Dr. Patricia Restrepo

Is it true that sunbathing increases the risk of skin cancer?

Although it is a common believe, research show the opposite.  For example, a study showed that the cases of melanoma are increasing enormously amongst people who work indoors – and who have 3 to 9 times less exposure to the sun, than those who work outdoors.  On the other hand, countries with the most sun exposure have lower rates of skin cancer.  Why? Data indicates that what increases the risk …Read More

How to relieve constipation without drugs?

How often is it ideal to go to the bathroom to evacuate? This is one of the questions I receive most frequently. When I was in Medical School, it was said that normal is what is usual for you: if you generally go once a week, then that’s normal for you. If you usually go three times a day, it’s normal for you. Is this correct? We can assume a …Read More

Fasting to regenerate your body?

Have you noticed that when a child is sick, he doesn’t want to eat? Maybe you’ve also noticed it if you have a pet: when they are sick, they just don’t eat. It’s a very natural response from the body.  When you fast, you give the digestive system a break. We used to do it naturally: fasting is a tool that has been used since ancient days. Our ancetors didn’t …Read More

How to stop being a slave to diets?

How to stop being a slave to diets? Has it ever happened to you that you get on a diet and they tell you that you can’t eat some food and then that is exactly what you crave? Why does this happen? What if it’s because of your cellular metabolism? Cellular metabolism is the functioning of cells. If a vehicle works very well, it means its metabolism is good. The …Read More

How to take care of your liver during the holidays

Did you know that the liver executes over 500 functions? It’s one of the biggest organs and without it it’s impossible to have a good metabolism, healthy circulation, balanced hormones, blood free from toxins and a functional digestion. That’s why in ancient medicine it was said that “he who knows how to harmonize the liver, knows how to heal a hundred diseases” Do you have allergies, spots on your skin, …Read More


Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, 8 out of 10 deaths in Mexico are caused by chronic diseases related to overweight and obesity? It is an alarming figure. Where does this obesity epidemic come from in Mexico? Behind these two conditions is a malfunction of the hormones that handle glucose. These hormones are what determine how fast you age, they determine if you feel more or less …Read More


IS IT BETTER TO EAT LOW-FAT MEALS? Do you choose light, non-fat or fat-free products to lose weight? Do you ask for eggs without yolk? Do you remove the skin of the chicken and fish to avoid fat? We all want to have a nice figure! However, the strategy of avoiding fats by consuming fat free, light or non-fat products is causing counterproductive effects on our body. This case might sound familiar to you: someone goes …Read More

Do you lower the fever or support it?

Can you imagine what our nomad ancestors did when they got a fever? Do you think they took something to lower it? Of course not. And that was how we survived. Interesting, huh? A fever is an inflammation mechanism that protects the body when there is an infection. It gets it by creating an inhospitable environment for the invasive organisms: in essence, it raises the temperature so they can’t survive. …Read More

How inflammatory is your life?

During these hot months, you are probably experiencing some type of inflammation. Commonly, we identify it with the suffix “itis:” colitis, gastritis, rhinitis, dermatitis, arthritis… It can also manifest itself in the form of headaches or allergies. Do you know why your body is inflamed? Inflammation is a mechanism that the body developed to protect us. Imagine that you hit or cut yourself: if there’s no inflammation, you won’t heal. …Read More

Is it really necessary to use supplements to be healthy?

Ideally, feeding ourselves correctly would be enough! Nature is our main source of health. Unfortunately, due to the ethics of agricultural industry practices, our soils are lacking in nutrients and compounds that should belong to it. We’ve stolen them to optimize productivity. We’re starting to see deficiencies in our body that we’d never seen before and starting to find toxicity that enters our body through the food we consume. Because …Read More