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How often do you have a bowel movement?

Let´s talk about a topic we´re probably not used to discussing openly and maybe one of the tools that can give us the more information about our body. Our stool, yes poop! Lets see how much you know about you and what can you learn from this. How often do you go to the bathroom? Once a day, three times  a week… What is normal? or actually, what is optimal? …Read More

A new way of measuring our body!

As we know, technology has been a great ally to measure our health goals, weight and performance. We have modern clinical laboratories and specialized studies that show us how our hormones and bodies are working and how is our microbiome changing; we can also obtain information  about the general state of the body through x-rays, MRI´s and specific blood tests. Today, technology is becoming more accesible.  I´m sure you are …Read More

Do you suffer from Cravings? Are you afraid of Bacteria?

Are you afraid of bacteria? I was panicked with them! Not only on a personal level, at a professional level as well. If they’re that bad, how can they improve our metabolism? Well they do according to science! Did you know that our body is 90% made up of bacteria? For strange it may seem this is real, studies indicate that the more variety of bacteria we have the better …Read More

Eat to heal, beboon and Dr. Patricia Restrepo

How you already know, every week I publish a text about a health topic related to nutrition and how it can be determinant or have an influence in our organism depending on the focus that is given to it. I´ll avoid science and academic rigor and share what I´ve been investigating from my medical experience and the new discoveries that we´re developing in the heart of Beboon. To start, I …Read More

Chemicals to my children?

As a mother, what wouldn’t you do to avoid that your children die before you? According to statistics, today’s children run the risk of living less than their parents.     “It’s expected that today’s children will be the first generation whose life expectancy will be less than that of their parents”   Therefore the question is: What is in our hands to change this? Thanks to investigation and availability to …Read More

What´s behind the food industry: Science or Lies?

It’s been a long time since we humans realized that sooner or later this planet’s natural resources  won’t be enough to supply all world population. From this point many of the industries in charge of providing us with products to satisfy our basic needs have had to modify their manufacturing processes with the purpose of fulfilling the demand of a population that is in constant growth. One of the most …Read More

Gluten: Consume it or Avoid it?

Have you heard about gluten? Well it´s a topic that’s been getting recently popular. Gluten, if you´ve never heard this word before, is a group of small-sized proteins, contained exclusively in flours of cereals, mainly wheat, but also barley, rye, oats and all derivatives of these products; it´s also responsible for the elasticity of the flour dough, what allows along with fermentation that the bread obtains its volume, as well …Read More

Fats: Myths and Truths

For decades, traditional medicine and many popular cultural beliefs have made us believe that the less fat we consume and the more exercise we do the better health we´ll have. But, Is this really true? We, human beings are made up of fat and we depend on these to live, think (our brain is composed of 60% fat), having a healthy metabolism and be able to perform throughout the day …Read More

Sugar: Source of life or disease?

For many years medicine has blamed fat consumption as the responsible for most of chronic, neuronal and cardiovascular diseases that affect the population. It’s such a fact that advertising campaigns were created promoting low fat diets, and we were guided to believe that the less fats we consumed the better health we´d have. Did you know sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine According to Dr. Lusting, professor at …Read More

Afraid of Eating Fruit Before Going to Sleep?

The fear of eating fruit at night is a myth that has been diffused in our society during years. Nevertheless there´s no relevant study that proves that doing this produces any specific harmful effects in our health.   There are other factors we could consider equally or even more relevant when speaking about some affections that are caused by eating certain foods before going to bed. One of them is …Read More